5 Ways Girls Can Style Their Cardigan Sweater

5 Ways Girls Can Style Their Cardigan Sweater

Once the temperature starts to drop a bit, you'll want to get a few cute girls' sweaters to keep your style star warm wherever she goes. Girls' cardigans are easy, fun, and stylish options for any young lady, whether she's heading to school or visiting grandma.

Going apple picking? Maybe accessorize with a cute hat or scarf if the temperature is already starting to drop. If it's still warm enough, let her bring along a canvas tote bag in case she wants to carry around a book or drop her cardigan somewhere safe when the sun comes out. If anything active is on the agenda, be sure to opt for something she can easily slip on and off. With so many ways to wear a cardigan, here are five we think your fashionista will love.

1. Classically Cute

Cardigans are somehow both old-school and timeless. If you two love watching Grease together, consider creating an iconic outfit with a poodle skirt and tights. You can get creative with the color story here, but recreating those shapes is a sure way to bring fun into her day. Finish the look off with a pair of canvas shoes or ballet flats for girls for the ultimate in classic style.

If she prone to a tumble, cardigans work just as well with leggings or jeans. Let her pick out the shirt she loves most to go with it. Do you know what really makes an outfit look cute? A kid who feels confident wearing it.

2. Perfectly Preppy

One way to add some extra pep in her step is to grab a solid-colored cardigan for her to wear over her polo shirt. Just pop the collar over the neck of the cardigan for that instant extra fashion flair. From there, she can wear anything from a khaki skort or dress pants and you've got a winning look every time. Most pastels and dark colors look great with khaki, so let her pick her favorite and go from there.

If the girl you're buying for needs to wear a school uniform, there are still plenty of ways to help her personality shine through. Finding a cardigan (or two) in a color or pattern that she loves will let her stand out from the crowd while still keeping in line with any dress code requirements.

3. Absolutely Alternative

While the idea of cardigans might seem a bit too sweet for a more alternative gal, you've got countless options for adding some edge to her look. Choosing an open-front cardigan creates a more Bohemian look, which she can pair with her favorite skirt or leggings. Adding fun earrings or a beaded necklace will take her from girly to groovy in no time.

If you're shopping for a kid who paves her own way, pairing an eclectic or graphic T-shirt underneath a black or neutral-colored cardigan instantly takes her outfit to the next level. Not all cardigans are button-ups either — some have zippers. So if she's not one to fuss with buttons, zippered cardigans are excellent options for easy all-day wear.

4. Bold and Bright

There's always room to brighten up an outfit, no matter what style you're rocking. Wearing bold colors with an understated cardigan gives any look a focal point, which helps make the look feel complete. Alternatively, if she prefers to wear her style on her sleeve, pick a brightly colored cardigan and pair it with a neutral top underneath.

Another way to add a pop of color is to use a kids' belt. Layers aren't just for the big kids! Girls of all ages love a good fashion moment, and wearing a belt over your cardigan, just above the hips, creates a whole new look which is both bold and refined at the same time.

5. Creative Choice

As we already mentioned, the best outfit is the one she'll feel good in. While we've got suggestions for days, we recommend giving her the reins every once in a while. You might end up surprised by the creative looks she comes up with, and some might be big winners. The more creative license you give her, the more her personality will shine. And the best part is, you likely know and approve of the clothes she already owns, so you won't have to worry about something coming totally out of left field.

Offer her some basic guidance, such as that wearing something underneath a cardigan is a must or that it’s important to make sure an outfit makes sense for the day's plans. If you don't already know, ask whether she wants to wear her cardigans buttoned all the way, zipped to the middle, or if she'd prefer an open front cardigan. Open fronts are an easy win for everyone — nothing to snag, snap, or shake loose here. Just a flowy, effortless way to add some color and warmth to any outfit.

No matter how she styles her cardigan sweater, our best advice is to be supportive. It's tough enough to be a kid as we grow into our bodies and learn what's cool, cute, or chic. Now's the best time for her to experiment with all different types of styles to see what brings a smile to her face. That joy will be contagious, we promise!


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