3 Ways a Man Can Dress Up Shorts

3 Ways a Man Can Dress Up Shorts

When the temperatures start to climb in late spring and early summer, there can be days when wearing men’s jeans or other types of long pants can feel sweltering. After all, thick materials can lock in heat and make even a walk to your office feel like a few minutes in a sauna. But when you match the right type of men’s shorts with some strategic tops, you can still achieve a professional look. You can stay cool and look good all day by dressing up your shorts intentionally. Here are three ways a man can dress up shorts for a breezy day at the office, on a night out, and much more.

1 - Wear a Polo Shirt

When you want to make your shorts look more formal, have your top take them to the next level. This is not the time for T-shirts are tank tops, but something upscale like men’s polo shirts can turn shorts into office-ready bottoms. To make this work for a professional situation, make sure to tuck your polo shirt in at the waist and wear a belt. It's also important to skip the flip-flops or worn-out sneakers and wear your preferred office shoes to complete the look.

It is best to avoid anything that looks tacky or is made out of cheap materials. This means you should avoid polo shirts with controversial slogans, flashy patterns, or anything that looks unkempt. Get a solid-colored polo top in Pima cotton to stay on the safe side. This material is excellent for a formal summer top because it's made out of the highest quality cotton available. It has long, silky fibers that keep you cool but also hold colors well. This means you can get a set of Pima cotton polo shirts for the summer to match your shorts—ensuring a comfortable season at the office.

2 - Wear a Button-Down Shirt

Button-down shirts are office staples that can be worn year-round with some styling. When you wear button-down shirts with shorts, you have to mind your materials. If you’re going to wear shorts with a button-down shirt to the office, stick to the same materials you would use for your go-to men’s dress pants or chinos. To achieve an even silhouette that is appropriate for summer and spring, explore how you look when you roll up your sleeves to the elbows. This will even out your sleeve length to match the length of your shorts and create a look that's more appropriate for the season. Throughout the day, you may choose to return your sleeves to the traditional cufflinks, but that's totally up to you.

Button-down shirts come in a variety of materials. In the winter, you may be more inclined to wear something thermal like flannel shirts, but in the summer, you should opt for something more lightweight, like a cotton or linen shirt. You may also discover some wonderful finds in cotton blends that are moisture-wicking and soft on the skin. When it comes to color and pattern selection, the same rules for polo shirts apply to button-down shirts. Stay away from anything too distracting for the office and instead select solid colors that you can match easily with your shorts. To complete the look, tuck in your button-down shirt and wear a men’s belt.

3 - For Jean Shorts: Wear Dark Washes Only

When you want to dress up in jean shorts, you should follow the same roles that you would for full-length jeans. When you want to look formal, lighter washes and bright colors are not advisable. Instead, stick to dark washes because they match better with your professional polo and button-down shirts. Anything that is frayed, distressed, or customized with slogans or patches should not be worn to the office at all. If you choose to wear medium-wash denim shorts, make sure that your top is appropriate. There should not be any casual T-shirts or distracting slogans and images on your top.

When it comes to styling your jean shorts at the office, polo shirts make more sense as a match because they can be styled casually or professionally. Be sure to tuck your professional shirt in at the waist and wear a belt so that you look tidy and ready for the workday. Since jeans lean toward more casual than formal, you may be able to pass with a clean pair of sneakers in some neutral colors like black or tan. If you do go this route, make sure that your office allows jean shorts. If you're ever unsure of the dress code, check with your team to ensure that you can at least wear this combination to a casual Friday or work picnic.

By following these quick tips, you can easily wear shorts in a dressy way so that you can feel comfortable even when the temperatures are high.


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