Warm Outfits for the Office

Warm Outfits for the Office

When you work in the office, you will spend many hours at a desk. The conditions need to be comfortable for you to focus and be the most productive. According to recent surveys, your office's heating and air conditioning system ranks among the top 15 workplace distractions.

If the office is too cold, then it can be more difficult to settle in and focus on your goals. But when you’re dressed in comfortable, warm outfits, you can boost your productivity and eliminate one possible way to be distracted.

Although the perfect cashmere turtleneck can’t stop your coworker from talking loudly (the #1 distraction), you can at least scratch the need to alter the thermostat on the sly. After all, shivering the whole day isn’t any way to spend a productive work session. So which outfits keep you warm in the office? Here are some ideas to keep you toasty and cozy during your 9-5.

Fine Gauge Cotton Sweaters and Professional Slacks

When you want to hit that perfect medium between “sweater weather” tops and indoor office comfort, fine gauge cotton is a win-win. This material, made out of fine cotton threads, makes a wonderful lightweight sweater that is perfect for layering and keeping your warm indoors. This material has more stitches per inch through the use of ultra-thin fibers that create a soft and luxurious feel.

Fine gauge women’s cotton sweaters are light enough to wear alone when the weather is mild or underneath a jacket when you’re outdoors. They also come in a variety of styles, colors, and knits so that you can keep your look fresh every day. Try out V-necks, scoop necks, mock necks, and more to create some exciting outfits!

Tuck a fine gauge cotton sweater into some high-waisted pants to achieve a universally polished look. This top also looks excellent when worn with a professional pencil skirt or pair of freshly ironed slacks. If your fine-gauge sweater needs a boost of warmth, then a cardigan or blazer can add just enough extra insulation to keep you feeling just right for the whole day.

Flannel Shirts for Casual Fridays

Cozy flannel borders the realm of casual but can easily be integrated into a business casual ensemble, especially if your office practices casual Fridays. Long-sleeve flannel shirts are made of thick cotton that is brushed on both sides, while their plaid design is timelessly fashionable. Flannel shirts lock in plenty of heat without weighing you down since its cotton is brushed on both sides to become super soft.

Whether you choose a flannel shirt made of 100% cotton or a cotton blend, this material will insulate the heat and feel soft on the skin. In more formal workplaces, flannel shirts can be worn tucked into slacks or a skirt with a blazer on top.

They also look stylish with a pair of dark women’s jeans and boots. There’s hardly a better way to bring in some of the comforts of a work-from-home outfit into in-office work!

Cashmere Sweaters and Slacks

Cashmere wool is specially collected from certain sheep with super fine fibers on their underbellies. This isn’t your typical wool since it can be woven into ultra-thin threads and then made into a fabric that’s far softer and stronger than standard wool. The type of cashmere sweater women love to wear to the office is both stylish and irresistibly comfortable.

Since it’s made of one of the softest fibers in the world, you will feel the luxury in every stitch. If you’re wondering about the price, trust us — it’s worth it. Cashmere is made to last for years, retaining its shape and a buttery-soft feel. Wear this sweater with a variety of bottoms like jeggings on a casual day or some work slacks when you need to look extra formal. For even more professional office fashion points, wear a blazer or cardigan over this top.

Feeling Casual? Try Sweatshirts

If your office allows it, then you can sneak in some of your favorite working from home outfits into your business casual ensembles. Creature comforts like tops made out of sweatshirt materials can keep you warm and cozy all day. Usually made of cotton and polyester blends, sweatshirts can also contain spandex for some extra stretch.

The key to integrating sweatshirt materials is to make sure the surrounding elements are office-appropriate. For instance, on casual Friday, a tidy pair of black jeans can match well with a clean and fitted top made of sweatshirt fleece.

You may also want to keep a zip-up sweatshirt at your desk to wear as a supplemental source of warmth that you can throw over a professional blouse during some downtime.

When you wear warm outfits to the office, you beat distraction at its own game. Have fun finding comfortable clothes that make you look and feel good!


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