Warm Jackets for Kids This Winter

Warm Jackets for Kids This Winter

Who wants to be cooped up indoors on a snow day? Cue the snowmen, ski trips, and sleigh rides in these ultra-warm warm winter jackets for kids made especially with snow and winter weather in mind. From down-filled insulated jackets and parkas to lightweight puffers and reversible coats, there are infinite options to keep your kid bundled up on the coldest of days. Winter outerwear for kids doesn't have to be bulky and uncomfortable either. Now with new technology and durable designs, we have a large range on our list of the warmest jackets for kids to play in the snow.

Choosing Snow Jackets and Winter Coats for Kids

When it comes to choosing the perfect warm jacket for kids to play in the snow, there are a variety of things to consider: warmth, weatherproofing, and functionality.

The Warmest Snow Jackets and Winter Coats for Your Kid

For maximum warmth, opt for kids' winter jackets that are down-filled or use a down-filled alternative for insulation like PrimaLoft® Insulation ThermoPlume®. This unique insulation gives snow jackets a puffy, but not bulky, a trait that locks warmth in. Another factor to consider for the warmest winter coats and jackets for kids is lining. Opt for a cozy fleece lining that provides an extra layer of warmth, ensuring the cold never gets in the way of snow day fun. For additional protection from brutally cold weather, look for snow jackets and winter coats that cover more of the body to ensure the core always stays warm. Attachable hoods are always a welcome addition as an extra layer to a hat or to protect ears on cold, windy days.

Weatherproof & Waterproof Jackets for Kids

Nothing is worse than being cold, wet, and out in the snow. Ensure your kid is always warm, dry, and enjoying his or her snow day with waterproof winter coats and jackets specifically made for snow. Waterproof jackets for girls are made with a polyester shell that locks out water and dampness. This, paired with down-filled insulation or a cozy fleece lining, will keep your kid safe from the elements while giving them the ability to play happily and comfortably outside.

Lightweight & Versatile Warm Jackets for Playing in the Snow

Bulky coats throw a big wrench in outdoor activities. That's why lightweight and versatile warm jackets are always among kids' favorite outerwear. New and unique technology like PrimaLoft® Insulation ThermoPlume® is a synthetic alternative to traditional down-filled insulation. Unlike the thick and sometimes heavy filling, PrimaLoft® Insulation ThermoPlume® is actually blown into the interior of the coat or jacket, making it easy to fold up or store when necessary. The lightweight and durable quality of this material also makes it easy to wash; simply throw it in the washer and dry as normal. The filling simply "fluffs" right back up, with no holes or lumps. Kids will love the lightweight of these jackets, while you'll love how easy they are to store and clean at the end of the winter season.

The Best Winter Coats for Playing in the Snow

For the best winter coats for playing in the snow, look no further than the iconic girl's winter parka. These coats and jackets are a longstanding staple item for subzero temperatures. Down-filled and made with a waterproof shell, equipped with a quilted lining, fur-lined hood, and more, parkas are the trifecta for outdoor play in the snow. For lightweight versions, consider a down-alternative filling paired with a fleece lining for warmth and durability in the snow. Looking for an all-around best-in-snow jacket that's designed to withstand all weather? The Squall® winter jacket is best suited for warmer to moderate snow temperatures and includes features that can withstand rain, wind, and snow. Kids love the extended sleeve feature that allows them to slip their thumb into the sleeve to hold their jacket in place during more extreme snowball fights.

Kids' Gloves & Scarves for Playing in the Snow

A day in the snow requires outerwear accessories like kids' gloves and scarves to keep the chill off. Hats like beanies and knit hats are the perfect accessory to keep heads and ears warm. Better yet, they can easily be smooshed into a coat pocket for storage on the go. Mittens are easy to slip on quickly, but when you're looking for a more flexible alternative, opt for a pair of Squall® or Expedition gloves to match the coats and jackets of your choice.


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