Warm Hats for the Whole Family

Warm Hats for the Whole Family

Fall and winter hats are practical fashion accessories. Outfit your family in headwear that protects against cold temperatures and suits their preferred fashion aesthetic. There are hats to go with almost any men’s, women’s, or kids’ winter coats, including fleece jackets, down coats, and dressy wool coats. Some warm hats can also be worn in fall and on chilly spring days, making them ultra-versatile. Check out this guide to warm winter hat styles for the whole family.


This hat style is brimless and fits close to the head to lock in warmth. You’ll find kids’, men’s, and women’s beanies in warm fabrics such as polyester, acrylic, and poly-acrylic blends. Polyester is more breathable, and acrylic is warmer, so both materials have their benefits. Styles include chunky Aran knits and smooth ribbed knits in a variety of colors.

Sometimes, a beanie can be a fashion accessory you can wear indoors. The previously mentioned Aran knit beanie style can be paired with a chunky knit sweater in an identical or similar knit and matching color. Jewel tones such as rich cranberry and deep emerald are always on-trend for fall and winter when it comes to sweaters for women and winter accessories such as hats.

Pom Hats

Knit hats adorned with poms are stylish and warm. There are pom hats for women and girls with faux fur poms, which are round puffs that impart a decorative look. Or choose a unisex kids’ hat with a vibrant pattern and multicolored yarn pom if your child loves bright colors.

Bucket Hats

The bucket hat is a classic style with ’90s-inspired flair. Coordinate your navy quilted barn coat with a quilted bucket hat in the same hue for an elegant cold-weather style. For plenty of warmth and protection on snowy or rainy days, look for a bucket hat with lightweight insulation and a water-resistant nylon shell.

If you want to take your retro-inspired look a bit further, wear a bucket hat with women’s bootcut jeans and a ’90s-inspired top. Flannel shirts are a staple of this aesthetic — especially if you opt for a boyfriend fit and wear it unbuttoned and untucked over a graphic T-shirt. Modernize the look by wearing flannels over fitted women’s turtlenecks, high-rise jeans, and a bucket hat in the same hue as your handbag.

Cloche Hats

A cloche hat is a dressy style you’ll find in cashmere and synthetic cashmere fabrics. It’s an ideal accompaniment to a fall blazer or structured winter dress coat. Although real cashmere is unparalleled when it comes to softness and luxury, synthetic cashmere is also super-soft and looks just as sophisticated. You’ll find polyester and wool blends with the same velvety feel as cashmere for a fraction of the price, and some of these hats are enhanced with Thermaskin technology for plenty of warmth. They’re an ideal accessory for women’s wool coats in the same color.

Trapper Hats

In winter, you can’t go wrong with a trapper hat. There are trapper hats for men, women, and kids in multiple styles. This hat style is usually equipped with a chin strap to keep it secure and lined with faux fur or sherpa for toasty warmth. Often, these hats are made from water-resistant polyester or nylon and have ear flaps to keep cold air out. They come in various colors, which may include classic, goes-with-everything black, and colorful prints, like red-and-black buffalo check plaid.

This hat style can be worn with a Squall insulated coat to keep you warm on snow days. If your kids are headed out to play in the snow, make sure they’re dressed in waterproof, insulated kids’ snow pants, snow boots, a waterproof winter coat, and a trapper hat or other winter hat style.

Peruvian Hats

Similar to the trapper hat is the Peruvian hat. These hats both have ear flaps and a similar design, but there are some distinct differences. Peruvian hats don’t have chin straps, and they’re adorned with decorative braids, poms, or fringe. They’re also typically more colorful than trapper hats, so they’re a good choice if you or your kids love brightly colored winter accessories. Women’s down coats in nearly-neon hues like hot pink and lime green are trendy for winter, and one of these hats would be a stylish accompaniment.


For maximum warmth, choose a balaclava. These head and facial coverings are ideal for winter sports or even just for a frigid commute to work or school. Balaclavas come in fleece and quilted varieties that keep almost the entire face covered and warm. They’re made from breathable fabrics for comfort and are available in sizes for kids and adults.

There are plenty of options when it comes to warm hats for your family. You don’t have to settle on one style—pick up multiple styles to suit different occasions. Create a coordinated look and add warmth to your outfit by matching your hat to a scarf and gloves.


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