Wardrobe Pieces Every Successful Woman Has in Her Closet

Wardrobe Pieces Every Successful Woman Has in Her Closet

Prepping for long days at the office can be difficult enough for the modern working woman. When you’re already busy, having to rummage through your closet to find an office-appropriate outfit is just one of those things you don’t want to have to add to your to-do list. This morning kerfuffle can be avoided by making sure your work wardrobe has a few staple essentials that are easy to slip on and style effortlessly. There are certain wardrobe pieces that every successful woman has in her closet, and it’s no mystery as to why! When you have a set of essential professional pieces that are easy and time-efficient to put on in the morning, getting ready for work is going to be a whole lot easier.

These are our top picks for the wardrobe essentials that every successful woman must have in her closet to feel and look effortlessly professional and fashionable.

Business Suits

We’ve all heard of the pantsuit, and while some are not quite sure how they feel about the pantsuit, having a pantsuit or something like it in your work wardrobe arsenal is key! At least one perfectly fitted suit is essential to every professional woman’s wardrobe. While you don’t have to plan on wearing your suit every day, it is the go-to choice for important meetings and business events. Having at least one of these in your closet is a good idea for every successful woman.


Aside from a proper suit, the suit look can (and should) be easily mimicked with the right blazer and slacks pairing. Having a generous selection of blazers and dress pants in your professional wardrobe is key. Keep a selection of several classic business blazers that are well-tailored and come in hues like black, charcoal, and navy. To emulate the suit look, be sure you also have a selection of similarly colored pants to wear with the blazer. Feel free to also have a few chic or trendy blazers in your wardrobe, too. This gives you a little more freedom for being fashionable or rocking that bold professional look.

Essential Professional Tops and Dress Shirts

Every woman needs her closet essentials, also known as basics. But, basics are also key for the working woman’s wardrobe. Be sure you have a selection of 5-10 professional tops and dress shirts you can easily go straight to if you need to slip something effortless on. Women’s dress shirts are one of those important basic staples every successful woman has in her closet. Have a few plain white ones, which are excellent for wearing under your suit or blazer. But, also feel free to be a little creative and have a few more colors or hues on hand.

Black Jeans

Not exactly always office-friendly, women’s black jeans are still one of those pieces every successful woman has in her wardrobe. Black jeans can pass for being work-appropriate in most business or office settings. Dress up with a tailored blazer, dress shirt, and nice shoes for a stylish professional look that is still somewhat laid-back.

Business Dresses

Working women need at least a few work dresses in their work wardrobe. On the days you don’t feel like wearing a two-piece, you can turn to dresses. Having a few dresses gives you the option to mix up your work outfits a bit during the week. Be sure your work dresses are appropriate for your business setting. For example, the length should be acceptable and the dress shouldn’t be too low cut. Also, try to choose dresses that are more muted and reserved rather than glitzy and glamorous. Remember, you’re dressing for going to work, not for the catwalk.

Business Skirts

Business skirts are another staple piece to keep in your work wardrobe. Have a few of these on hand for when you’re not really feeling like wiggling into a pair of pants, but you still want to wear a shirt. The perfect choice for summer as they tend to keep you more cool than pants, but also great to wear over thicker tights in the winter to stay warm. Pencil skirts are always an excellent choice for office wear. Similarly to the dress, be sure the length is appropriate and try to steer clear of anything too bold. Midi-length skirts are also a great choice for business-appropriate skirts to wear to the office. Easy to wear with a dress shirt, professional-looking sweater, or blazer, business skirts are a work wardrobe essential.

Overcoat or Trench Coat

For those rainy or wintry days, you probably want a coat that’s going to look the professional part. Having a tailored wool overcoat or trench coat in your work wardrobe is great for those cold or windy days you need to look business-appropriate, but still want to stay warm and dry. Overcoats and trench coats are also great choices for bringing on business trips and for wearing to meetings.

Work Pants

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning women’s work pants. The classic work slacks have been a staple in the working woman’s closet for decades thanks to their smart and effortlessly chic look. While there are many different styles, colors, and cuts to choose from, we recommend having a few traditional pants on hand as well as one or two more interesting pairs. The traditional look is nicely tailored work pants that come in navy, charcoal, or black. These can be easily paired with just about any shoes or top and are easy to wear all the time.

Behind every successful woman is her professional wardrobe helping her along the way. Every woman should have at least one of these pieces in their workwear arsenal so they can effortlessly and efficiently feel and look stylish and professional every day.


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