Virtual Summer Camp Ideas for 2023

Virtual Summer Camp Ideas for 2023

When school’s out and there is unstructured time on the horizon, parents begin the search for exciting enrichment activities to keep everyone on a routine. While in-person summer camps are an excellent resource to keep your kids engaged, they may still have limited availability.

We've got solutions for you! There are plenty of exciting and educational virtual camps available this year to meet the rising demand for enrichment. Here are some fun virtual summer camp ideas for 2023 that will keep your child learning even after school is out.

Free and Fun: Camp Wonderopolis

If money is ever a barrier to summer camps, then you will be delighted to find that Camp Wonderopolis is free and open to anyone. You simply need to sign your child up and download the free camp kits. Choose your schedule and complete the online program at your leisure. The summer camp includes interactive STEM and reading activities as well as hands-on creation experiments. Through exploring the six different camp options from Wonderopolis, your child will discover wonderful facts about the different branches of science.

No matter what program you pick, your child will be engaged and learn so much. Make the experience even more fun by switching up the areas in which your child learns. For example, if you plan to do a co-op with another family, parents can take turns hosting different days of the summer camp at their house. Don’t forget your kids’ face masks if your summer camp is moderately in person. This offers your children some safe and small group interaction as well as informative STEM learning!

Online Cooking Camps

If your child is a budding chef, then sign them up for a fun online cooking camp. These programs bring the cooking lessons into your kitchen while your child gets top-notch instruction from real chefs. All you need to do is sign up, buy the ingredients, and make sure you have the essential cooking tools for the planned recipes.

Make sure your children wear simple clothing that washes easily like kids’ T-shirts and kids’ jeans, which make the perfect cooking outfit. All you need is an apron to keep most of your children tidy! Make this a special time by learning together through the guided video lessons and reap an additional benefit to cooking lessons: lunch and dinner on the ready!

Online Arts Camps

Children with a need for a creative outlet will enjoy diving deep into the arts in an online camp. Whether your child likes to dance, paint, or make music, there are plenty of options for you to explore. Be sure to gather all the materials your child needs to thrive in any of these programs by checking with the camp. Some camps have larger fees that cover the cost of materials, while others are low cost but require parents to buy the materials.

For instance, a dance camp will require dancing ballet flats for girls and comfortable active clothing. An online arts camp may require parents to buy paint and paper and provide an oversized painting shirt that can get messy. Be sure to obtain everything your kid needs to explore the arts to the fullest, and you’ll get the most out of these types of camps.

For Kids Who Love Cars

Ready to go off for a rugged adventure? Then sign your child up for a virtual NASCAR summer camp. The great thing about these types of virtual classes is that it takes longer for them to fill up and there’s a lot more flexibility about when your children can access the materials. NASCAR virtual camps offer many of the same benefits as in-person options such as experiments, engineering, and the chance to build driver introductions—complete with video and music!

Kids in this camp can also explore potential careers, especially anything that relates to racing. This type of virtual camp can also allow your child to access traditionally location-specific programs. With the ability to log on from anywhere, you don’t have to be a resident of Charlotte, NC, to get into the action. All you need to do is provide a safe place to log on and a convenient place to store your camp materials. A kids’ storage bin can easily keep your home organized and keep all your camp resources in one place.

These fun virtual summer camp ideas for 2023 will keep your kids engaged and excited about learning something new.


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