Shine Brighter for Your Virtual NYE Party With These 6 Tips

Shine Brighter for Your Virtual NYE Party With These 6 Tips

We do a lot of virtual connecting these days, from online schooling to video chats with our loved ones, from book clubs to wine nights, and so much more. With the New Year around the corner, you might already be planning an exciting virtual NYE party with the ones you love. Even the Times Square NYE party will be broadcasted virtually so you can celebrate all night with the entire country. With all those smiling faces, hopeful and bright, here are some tips to stand out and shine on the screen.

1. Bring the Color

If you want to shine brightly for a virtual New Year's Eve event, choose bold colors or bright patterns to help you stand out from the crowd. Jewel tones like emerald or royal blue and metallics like silver and gold help to focus everyone's eyes on you and your stunning outfit. Bring the sparkle with silvers or rainbow sequins to really light up your spot on the screen. Women's dresses are an effortless way to bring color to your entire outfit. Still, chic blouses and jeans will make an equal impact. A crisp women's white blouse is another option that will attract light and reflect beautifully, so you’ll be sure to stand out from the crowd.

2. Remember Your Lines

Find clothes that highlight the areas of your body you love most. Whether you're wearing a dress or comfy casual clothes, choose an outfit that falls close to the lines of your body. Defining your waistline or showing a hint of collarbone creates instant definition and draws the eye to the focal point of your choosing. If you prefer chunky knits and flowy skirts, go for it! It's easy to stand out in any situation when you're comfortable, confident, and authentically you. Can't decide what to wear? Test ahead of time and host a video chat fashion show with a friend if you're still not sure since the mirror won't reflect how you'll look on camera. What's better than getting ready for a party with your bestie?

3. Find Your Light

Since most NYE parties happen at night, be sure you're lighting your event room properly so other partygoers see you in your best light. Place a soft light like a selfie ring light by the camera so when you get up close, it highlights the angles of your face in a flattering way. Then, get some floor or table lamps to illuminate the room around you. That way, wherever you are in the frame, your joy can be seen. Test the lights out with a good friend before launching your official party to be sure there aren't any blind spots or harsh glares.

4. Set the Scene

Once you've got your outfit and lighting ready to go, set up a backdrop you're excited to show off. Make sure your camera is located at a higher angle than your usual work meeting, as you'll likely be standing, dancing, and moving in and out of the frame. You'll want the camera to be at face level or a little higher to create the best angles and capture you in the best light. Consider installing a virtual backdrop on your video call, so it looks like you're partying in Times Square or inside of a disco ball. Or you can order a fun backdrop online to frame the space and set the stage for a perfect party room.

5. Send in the Props

If you want to bring some fun to the party, pick up a few props to use. Especially if you're partying with people you love around the country, you'll want to inspire some good laughs throughout the night. Popping away from the screen for a second and coming back with a mustache or a tiny top hat will help add some extra spirited goodness to any NYE virtual party. You can also choose some exciting accessories you can keep on all night, like sequined NYE glasses, a bauble headband, or brightly colored hair pins. Avoid light-flashing props, though, as these might end up distorting the camera's view.

6. Don't Forget to Smile

So much of virtual interactions are about careful listening and a little bit of patience. Yet, there's a lot to be said about body language and how it helps us convey and translate our overall energy and excitement. Smile brightly, laugh heartily, and let yourself relax into this exciting evening. Since you likely won't be up close and personal with the camera all night, you don't have to worry too much about makeup — just add a pop of color to your lips. Whether you reach for a bright or deep red lipstick, defining your lips will help everyone see your joyful smile as you all celebrate together.

With these tips, you'll be ready to party online all night long. Spend your New Year's Eve partying sweetly and safely from the comfort of your home this year. Once the party's over, you can flop down in your cozy bed and snuggle into your favorite down comforter. Best of all, you'll feel rested, refreshed, and ready to start on your New Year's resolutions the next morning.


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