What to Wear to a Virtual Baby Shower This Fall

What to Wear to a Virtual Baby Shower This Fall

It’s definitely a sign of the times. While it was once customary to spend weeks, if not months, planning the baby shower of a lifetime for your BFF, it’s now become a more complicated experiment in creating a virtual celebration. There’s something to be said for making it work — what better way to bring the ladies together safely? — but it can also be a little challenging figuring out what to wear. Party dresses for women may seem like a safe bet, but do you need to go all out when the party is entirely digital?

Turns out it’s a good idea to put a little bit of energy into your baby shower outfit, even if you’re taking the fully virtual route. This type of gathering begins with an understanding among everyone that it’s going to be slightly different than what any of you might have anticipated. There won’t be any hugs or food to share or games to play in person, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make amazing memories online. And because getting all dressed up is such a big part of the real-life experience, it makes even more sense to put some effort into getting ready for the online version. Here are some suggestions to help you feel comfortable and festive in your baby shower outfit all at once.

Floral Maxi

If ever there was a good time to break out a floral print, it’s now! Floral maxi dresses for women are not only perfect for celebrations, but also contribute to the joy of the occasion. Bountiful botanical prints are uplifting, while colorful blossoms add a dose of vibrancy to the festivities. Plus, they make you feel all dressed up without much effort at all.

Focus on giving your outfit a little bit of that “oomph” factor. Maxis are great options for the mommy-to-be and guests alike, as they’re flowing, comfortable, easy, and incredibly flattering. Some mamas may want to wear something distinctive, like a floral crown or a sparkling necklace, to lend their outfit a regal finishing touch.

Pretty Blouses

This is also a great occasion to break out one of your prettiest tops! Women’s blouses are available in a wide array of styles, colors, and silhouettes. For this special moment, consider something with a dressy quality. Features like keyhole necklines, embellishments, ties at the neck, and soft, silky fabrics all set the tone and help you feel a little more dressed up and pulled together for the shower.

As for what to wear on the bottom, there’s a bit of an “anything goes” flexibility about it all. Attending any type of virtual event usually means that what you wear on top is all that matters. But for the sake of the occasion, and to help you feel a little more in the spirit of the festivities given that it’s so different from what you anticipated, you may want to dress up fully. So pair that blouse with your favorite dress pants or a pair of flowing, wide-leg trousers. Have someone at home snap a photograph and start an online gallery where all attendees can show off their full-length baby shower outfits. Voila: an instant reason for everyone to get all dressed up.

Comfy Everything

Baby showers are often themed, which means any type of outfit has the potential to be fitting for the occasion. If you all decide to go for a relaxed, pajama-friendly theme, for example, then embrace the comfy side of life and slip into your best women’s loungewear. Given that everyone is at home, this might be something that everyone agrees is a great option.

As for what exactly to wear, establish some rules beforehand so that everyone has an understanding of what “PJ-friendly” actually means. Does it refer to yoga pants and a cute shirt? Shorts and a tank top? Jersey pants and loose-fit tops? All of the above? Celebrating the festivities from home allows for some flexibility, so don’t be afraid to keep things super relaxed, either. There’s some joy to be found in not playing by the rules and instead taking a more easygoing approach to the occasion.

Glam Style

On the other side of the spectrum is the opportunity to really go all out — and this may help everyone feel like things are “normal” even if they are decidedly different. Taking a formal approach is a fun way to help the mom-to-be feel super special, and she’ll love having the opportunity to get all dressed up in something amazing before her big day arrives. Anything goes, from a sparkling party dress to a knit dress to a fit-and-flare skirt with a dressy top.

Complete your baby shower outfit with a pair of comfortable ballet flats or heels, depending on what feels best to you. Remember that you can still take pictures even if you aren’t all together. Sharing them with one another will create a sense of togetherness and help everyone feel more like they’re part of something truly special. That’s what it’s all about, after all.


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