Valentine's Day Craft Ideas for Kids

Valentine's Day Craft Ideas for Kids

Valentine’s Day is one of the most anticipated holidays of the year for both adults and kids. People around the world look forward to a little romance and the ability to offer small tokens of affection to all their favorite people. Kids also love the fun of Valentine’s Day. Many enjoy making cards and crafts that they can give to their parents, teachers, and friends.

Whether you are a teacher who is looking for an exciting classroom project or a parent in search of a fun bonding activity, these Valentine’s Day craft ideas will brighten any child’s day. You don’t need many supplies to get started and it doesn’t take much preparation to stay organized. These handmade, heartfelt gifts can also be treasured by grandparents, mentors, friends, or anyone important in a child’s life. Here are some Valentine’s Day craft ideas for kids of all ages.

First Things First: Have a Clean-Up Plan

Crafting can get messy in just a matter of minutes. It’s crucial to have a plan to keep your work area safe and clear. For example, if you decide to work with a hot glue gun, prepare a heat-proof surface where you can place the device when it’s not in use. If your craft involves a lot of cut scraps of paper and cloth, keep a trash can nearby to collect the pieces before the situation gets out of hand.

Many kids like to use watercolors and acrylic paint in their crafts. While the results are beautiful, there are often spills that can damage tables and floors. To prevent these water spots from causing permanent damage, have hand towels and washcloths nearby to clean up any messes.

It doesn’t hurt to have some all-purpose cleaner and stain remover wipes just in case some paint or markers end up on a favorite piece of furniture. Keep all these necessary clean-up items nearby before you start crafting so that you don’t have to run around the house and find them in case of an incident.

Valentine’s Day “Forever” Flowers

Flowers, especially red roses, are a popular gift on Valentine’s Day. If your kid wants to give a bouquet, you can help them make flowers out of cloth, glue, and pipe cleaners. First, find some colorful cloth from some old clothing, bedsheets, or pillowcases. You can also find some lovely swaths of quilting fabrics and felt at the craft store. This project will also require scissors, glue, and some popsicle sticks.

First, shape the pipe cleaners to form outlines of petals and leaves. Then, cut out two identical shapes that fit these flower parts and glue their backs to each other, sealing the pipe cleaner within. This forms the petals and leaves. When you have many separate petals, use a hot glue gun to attach them to a popsicle stick to form a flower. For an added touch, glue some yellow construction paper in the center to smooth out the look. No fabric on hand? You can easily substitute the cloth for colored paper.

Cut-Out Heart Valentines

This classic Valentine’s Day craft is fun for kids of all ages and quick to make. Get some red or pink construction paper and fold it in half. Then, draw half a heart outline that extends from the outside crease. Get some scissors and cut out the pattern. If you have small kids, they may need help with this step. If you’re working with older kids, encourage them to make individual cutouts within the folded heart. When they open the shape, you get a beautiful heart design with cut out shapes that show up evenly on both sides. These valentines are great just as they are or can be pasted onto another piece of paper to make a Valentine’s Day card.

Handy Craft Storage Solutions

It doesn’t take long to realize that crafting can get messy and cause clutter without the right storage. Find a dedicated spot in the home, such as a spare office or basement, where you can do crafts freely without worrying about making a central area of your home disorganized. Small apartments can be easily transformed into craft-friendly zones when you store your craft items neatly in compartments like canvas storage bins. Keep these separate from your storage for kids' toys so you have a clear separation between free play and purposeful crafts.

With just a little bit of organization, kids of all ages can have a whole lot of fun on Valentine’s Day.

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