Valentine’s Day 2023 Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day 2023 Gift Guide

How do you feel when February 14th draws closer? If you’re not particularly a fan, that’s perfectly normal. With its reputation for being a romantic holiday, it’s only natural for you to dislike it — especially if you’re not at the receiving end of a gift. However, you may be missing out if you’re thinking about it the wrong way. This is one day that encourages us to recognize and celebrate the important relationships in our lives, whether those are platonic friendships, romantic relationships, or family relationships. Our Valentine’s Day 2023 gift guide might be all you need to change your opinion and help you spread a little love and appreciation this February.

Something Personal

Gifting a monogrammed item shows that you took the time to have something specially made for someone. Lands’ End offers personalization options for countless items, whether you want it monogrammed with their initials or embroidered with a special symbol that means something to the two of you. We recommend a fuzzy, plush terry women’s robe to keep them warm and dry when they come out of the shower or bath. Throw in some bath bombs and candles, and you’ve got yourself a fantastic Valentine’s Day gift.

A High-Quality Bag They’ll Use Daily

For practical people, try giving them something like a bag or backpack that they’ll use every day. Laptop bags are great for people who split their work between home and office. Or, if you really want to impress, buy them a men’s or women’s weekender bag with a note inside saying to pack a couple of outfits because you’re whisking them away for the weekend.

A Thoughtful Card or Note

Some of the most meaningful gifts are the ones you don’t expect. A note to a special co-worker saying you appreciate them, for example, can set their mood for the entire day and encourage them to also show a little appreciation to people they appreciate in their lives. Slipping a note into your partner’s pocket or your kids’ backpacks is also a sweet way to show your admiration. It doesn’t have to be “mushy” either. A simple, “I appreciate how hard you’re working, and I love you for it,” will do. Consider using some cute stationery to make your note-writing more fun for yourself and special for them.

Their Favorite Food or Drink

This is a great gift for friends, by the way. Take a moment to think about their favorite things to eat or drink, and then package them nicely in a high-quality lunchbox or bag. It could be some chocolate-covered strawberries and a small bottle of champagne, for example. Or it could be some snacks that they consider a guilty pleasure. Or maybe it could be a special treat from the hometown of someone who is homesick. Get creative with it!

A Homemade Meal - Made by Yourself

If you’re trying to impress a date, remember that one of the best ways to their heart is through their stomach. And even if your date is the same person you eat dinner with every night, they’ll certainly appreciate you cooking the meal and doing the dishes regardless. If you want to make it special, consider buying something you wouldn’t normally make or trying a new recipe. There are also really nice meal kits that you can order online or buy prepackaged at the store — with all the ingredients you need pre-portioned. Have fun cooking together, and consider getting the whole family in on it if you’re spending the night with the kids as well.

A Fuzzy Throw for Movie Night

Make your next movie night a little extra special with a throw blanket that’s just theirs. Add a fake movie ticket with a spot on the loveseat reserved just for them. Throw in a foot massage while they’re watching the movie with you, and they’ll be happy to just have a night of much-needed R&R. Some peppermint foot cream nestled nicely into the folded blanket is a clever touch as well. Sometimes it’s the little things!

Something for Your Most Loyal Loves

Your four-legged friends give you unconditional love every day. Make them your Valentine’s Day date, and give them something to show your appreciation. Maybe the gift can benefit you as well. A day at doggy daycare, for example, can ensure that they have fun socializing while you get some peace and quiet. Or perhaps their dog bed has seen better days. A new dog bed will be nicer for you to look at and nicer for them to sleep on.

A “Me Day”

Think of the last time you spent a day focusing on yourself. We don’t often give ourselves an excuse to simply sit back and do nothing without feeling guilty about it. But that’s not how things should be. A day to reconnect and check in with yourself can do wonders. If you know someone who could use a “me day,” consider making it easier for them to put a big X on the calendar someday in February. Take the kids, walk the dog, book them a hotel room or spa day — whatever they need to disconnect and refocus. Perhaps this person is yourself!

As you can see, you don’t have to resort to roses and stuffed bears to show your true affection and appreciation for someone this Valentine’s Day. With a little creativity, you can show you care in a meaningful way.


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