Six Useful Bags for Your Next Plane Ride in 2022

Six Useful Bags for Your Next Plane Ride in 2022

As countries open their borders and people are eager to get out and have a real vacation, travelers find that they’re long overdue for some useful, reliable luggage and travel bags. Whether it's for weekend getaways, long resort stays, or adventure destinations, people, need something that helps them carry their swimwear, shoes, dresses, and suits with ease. When shopping for your vacation wear this year, don’t forget about finding something reliable to pack it all up in. Chances are, you’ll need one of these remarkably useful bags for your next plane ride in 2022.

1. A Weekend Bag

For short trips, you might be able to stick all your vacation wear into a smaller men’s or women’s weekender bag instead of a large suitcase. Weekender bags are great since they’re more likely to fit in the plane's overhead compartment or even by your feet. They come in a variety of prints, and you can even have them monogrammed, so you don’t lose track of yours. Look for a weekender bag with a strong shoulder strap and high weight capacity so you can stuff it with whatever you want without worrying about whether or not the strap will break. Pockets and compartments that keep your shoes and toiletries away from your clothing are great conveniences as well.

2. A Standard Suitcase

When thinking about packing for their trip, many people come to mind is a standard, boxy suitcase. And there’s nothing wrong with that! But, especially for long trips, you’ll want something large enough for everything, especially if you have lots of shoes you want to pack or are dealing with uncertain weather conditions that require clothing for both warm and cold weather. Just remember that when it comes to a reliable suitcase, the sturdier, the better. But it also needs to be light enough for you to be able to maneuver it into taxis and lug it around the airport. Make sure your suitcase also has sturdy wheels and a strong retractable handle so you can pull it behind you with ease.

3. Carry-on Considerations

If you’re going on a plane, you’ll want to make sure that you and your family have what they need to keep them content and avoid listening to “I’m bored” the whole trip. If your kids use a boys’ or girls’ backpack for school , make it work double-duty as a carry-on, and let them pack whatever games, books or fidget toys will help them pass the time. A large purse will do for yourself as long as it has zippers and will fit by your feet comfortably. You don’t want to risk getting stuck with a large bag by your feet if the overhead compartments become too full. Remember a travel pillow to pack in there, too, in case it’s a red-eye flight.

4. Tote a Tote

If you’re going on any excursions, you may want a bag to carry souvenirs, water bottles, and extra clothes. A canvas tote bag will fit easily in your luggage folded up, but it will be sturdy enough to carry what you need with ease. Not all totes are the same, though. You’ll want to consider the length of the shoulder straps so you can carry it without the bulk of the bag pushing your arm out sideways. You’ll also want to consider whether you want an open-top bag or a zip-top bag. Both have their own benefits, but open-top bags allow for easy access and extra storage. Zip-top bags allow for security if you have many smaller items you don’t want to lose or risk being stolen. As a bonus, you can even use the tote as a carry-on on the plane instead of simply storing it in your suitcase.

5. Remember a Beach Bag

If your destination has a beach or even just a pool, you’ll want to have a beach bag with you. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck trying to juggle your towel, sunscreen, book, sunglasses, water, and anything else you might want with you. If you don’t yet have a beach bag, don’t just settle for the cutest one. Make sure it is the size you need and also has a small compartment for hotel keys, your money, and your phone. Remember to get it monogrammed, too, if you want to personalize it and make it unmistakably yours.

6. A Tech Bag

With the abundance of people working remotely, chances are you might be sneaking in a couple of workdays on your trip, providing your destination has reliable Wi-Fi. Even if you don’t plan on working a full day, you might find the need to pack your laptop if something urgent comes up at work. After all, it’s better than wasting your trip worrying about work and having to deal with any problems when you get back home. Packing your laptop in a sturdy tech bag using it as a carry on will help put your mind at ease and let you get a little work done so you can enjoy the rest of your trip.

Wherever you plan on heading this year, keeping these bags in mind will help you pack more easily and ensure you have room for everything you need on your next plane ride.


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