Update Your Winter Wardrobe with These Items

Update Your Winter Wardrobe With These Items

After being stuck inside prioritizing function over fashion over the past year or so—in other words, focusing on being comfortable while cooped up inside—clothing designers have been itching to bring some life back into the fashion scene. Looking at the runways and fashion magazines over the past few months, it appears that they’ve certainly done just that. They’ve resurrected bold colors and patterns to lift our moods. They’ve brought back fun 70's-style clothing like mini skirts and wide-legged pants to make clothes fun again and remind us to be a little less serious. If your winter wardrobe is still encouraging you to hibernate, it’s time to wake up and add some color back to its cheeks. And we have plenty of recommendations to help. Here are some of our favorite items to help you update your winter wardrobe.

Bold-Colored Anything

Whether it’s bright-colored pants, a bright and bold top, or just a bold-colored accessory like a fashion scarf, bright and bold colors are a necessity in any winter wardrobe this year. The goal is to add joy and fun to your attire instead of relying on typical subdued winter colors. It may sound a little rebellious, but wearing bright summerlike colors in wintertime sounds like a perfect solution for the winter blahs. So wear that bright pink blouse to work. Throw on a neon-yellow sweater over it. Do whatever you need to brighten up the place and lift your spirits.

Geometric Prints

Keeping with the bright and bold theme, wearing geometric prints is also a great way to liven up any outfit. Triangles, circles, squares, you name it—it has a place in winter wardrobes this year. And you can even mix and match them if you feel daring. For example, try a women’s blouse with diagonal lines or triangles and pair it with a long, knit maxi skirt with a circular pattern. Sometimes opposites attract, and this can elevate your entire look. Don’t forget to keep color in mind. While black and white geometric shapes are stylish, other colors will undoubtedly be fun to experiment with.

Animal Prints

We can’t recommend bold geometric prints without mentioning the elephant in the room: animal prints. For all of you who hopped on this trend last year, consider yourself trendsetters, because animal prints are still in style, and they’re not going anywhere. So you’ll definitely be able to wear your leopard-print women’s sweater or zebra-print leggings. You can even mix and match them for the ultimate fashion statement. Go wild!

Mini Skirts

Just like bell-bottoms and high-waisted jeans have enjoyed a comeback this past summer, mini skirts are following suit. These 70s-inspired fashion trends are fun because they make us think of love, peace, and fun colors that make even the grumpiest grinches feel festive this winter. You’ll see mini skirts in bright colors and patterns, as well as fun textures like corduroy and velour. Sure it may be cold, but that’s what tights were made for. So some brightly colored tights and a colorful mini skirt are a great pairing this winter.

Knit Loungewear

While dressing up in bold and beautiful looks is fun, there are times when you want to be a little more relaxed. For that reason, it’s perfectly OK to slip into some knit leggings and a baggy tunic. The great thing about women’s loungewear today is that it’s practically indistinguishable from any normal clothes that you’d wear going out. You can even get away with wearing loungewear to work, thanks to the prioritization of comfort among clothing designers. For example, corduroy leggings are perfect for lounging in, but they also look great under a sweater dress for ultimate comfort at home or out and about.

A Quilted Jacket

Texture is everything, and quilted outerwear is making a big scene this winter. A couple of women’s winter coat styles that you’ll want to consider this year are quilted puffer jackets and quilted bomber jackets. An oversized quilted long winter coat is great too because it feels like a warm blanket, but acts like a coat. You’ll see these in typical neutral colors, but you’ll also see them in any of those bold, bright colors that are ever so popular this year, whether it’s bright pinks, yellows, reds—you name it. Don’t forget to have fun with accessories as well. There are literally no rules regarding what you can mix and match.

Overall, the key to winter clothing right now is to just have fun with it. Don’t take yourself so seriously. Experiment with bright colors and patterns and see how it brings out the best in you.

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