Unisex Wardrobe Staples to Invest in Right Now

Unisex Wardrobe Staples to Invest in Right Now

Every wardrobe needs a few unisex staples. They will help you look great, stay comfy, and even simplify your life. Let’s look at the unisex wardrobe staples to invest in right now.

What is a Unisex?

“Unisex” is a term that usually applies only to fashion, not to gender. Unisex simply means that an article of clothing can be worn by both sexes—typically without disrupting certain gender roles or stereotypes. It’s a way to help categorize clothing to help both retailers and customers find what they need. A T-shirt, loose pants, or a button-down shirt (without darts) are all examples of unisex clothing. A more gendered garment like a dress or a skirt would not be considered “unisex.”

Most of the clothes available from Lands’ End are labeled either “women’s” or “men’s” to assist you with sizing. Always feel free to shop from the whole store for what will keep you comfy and looking great—you’ll find unisex options under both labels.

The right wardrobe staples can upgrade your look and simplify your life. Good quality wardrobe staples that can be mixed, matched, and worn for years to come are the foundation of a great wardrobe, whether minimalist, maximalist, or somewhere in between. Whether or not you have used the word “unisex” to describe them, no doubt some of your best go-to clothing falls into this category because it is cut to be comfy and sports a timeless style.


Everyone needs a few T-shirts in their wardrobe. If you don’t already have a great men’s T-shirt or women’s T-shirt in solid white, make that the first staple on your list. The iconic white T-shirt will go with everything from shorts and jeans to dressier pants and can be layered with a cardigan or men’s blazer. When you find a white T-shirt with a great fit, always buy at least two. A white T-shirt should look pristine unless you are wearing it for activities like gardening or working in the garage. By having a spare available, a spilled cup of coffee or a little salsa that falls off a chip doesn’t have to impact your wardrobe. Any visible stain that you can’t get out (including perspiration) means it’s time to retire that T-shirt for grubby activities and bring out the new one.

Colored T-shirts in black, grey, navy, and your favorite brights can also make nice unisex wardrobe staples. Solid T-shirts make the easiest staples because they can be more easily mixed and matched with other garments, but don’t let that stop you from buying a fun graphic tee that strikes your fancy.

Button-Down Shirts

A straight-cut men’s button-down shirt or women’s button-down shirt (i.e., one that doesn’t have darts built into the design to make it body-conforming) is another unisex wardrobe staple that you will want to have. You can wear a button-down with all but the most casual of bottoms, and white will go with almost anything. From business casual for the office to an oversized version that you can wear as a beach cover-up, a classic button-down is just a great look. You can layer it, wear it tucked in, partially tucked, untucked, or tied up at the waist, depending upon your mood and the occasion.


For a unisex staple, go for jeans that have a straight cut from hip to hem as opposed to more fitted or skinny jeans. A wider cut of the leg with a medium wash on the denim will give you both up-to-the-minute style with the comfort you crave (while staying versatile for years to come).

For women’s jeans or men’s jeans that are staples, it’s best to stay away from heavily distressed denim or denim with ornamentation like sequins or embroidery. The simple beauty of the denim will allow you to mix and match it more easily while also looking more universal.


Everyone needs a great pair of women’s or men’s chinos in their closet (especially for the summer months!). Look for a straight cut here as well from hip to hem and just that plain classic chino fabric. Khaki can be nice, but a stone or light grey are also versatile colors for chinos. If you are choosing one color, go for something that will be a nice contrast to the jeans that you have chosen as a unisex staple (i.e., lighter in color and fabric weight for variety).

Pairing chinos with either a white shirt or a pastel shirt is a great summer look. For a more androgynous vibe, stick with pastels that are less gendered looking like yellow, blue, or green. Choosing a unisex belt and classic loafers or deck shoes will complete the look and keep it low-key and comfy.

Go choose some great unisex wardrobe staples. You’ll be glad you did!


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