Unisex Outfits That Go from Day to Evening

Unisex Outfits That Go from Day to Evening

Don’t you love how unisex outfits make you look and feel? They are most often cozy and casual at the same time. But what if you want to take a unisex outfit from daywear to eveningwear? No worries! Lands’ End has you covered. Let’s look at some options.

What is a Unisex Outfit?

Let’s start with a little information about unisex clothes. Terminology for both gender and fashion evolves over time, so it’s good to be on the same page. “Unisex” is a term that usually applies only to fashion, not to gender. Unisex simply means that an article of clothing can be worn by both sexes.

People use many other terms to express and identify their gender identities as well as their fashion preferences. “Androgynous” is often the style people are going for when they choose to wear unisex clothing. This means blending feminine and masculine style elements in their outfits.

Find something comfy to wear that makes you feel great. That’s what Lands’ End is all about.

Shop the Whole Store

One way to start looking for great unisex outfits is to shop the entire store or website. If you are female, look around in both the “women’s clothing” and the “men’s clothing”. We all know that clothing doesn’t have a gender. Sometimes these labels are helpful because they conform to specific size charts that help you find a good fit but don’t let yourself be limited by a label. Maybe you typically shop in the women’s section, but you spot a great shirt or blazer in the men’s section. Try it on! See what you think.

If shopping the whole store is a new experience for you, shopping online might feel more comfortable. Be sure to start with your current measurements and check the sizing charts. Choose a clothing company that has a great return policy (like ours) in case something doesn’t work out. If you like the idea of shopping for men’s shoes if you are a woman, check the sizing there as well. It’s a little silly, but you may need to “translate” from one gender size to the other to achieve your shopping goals.

Dressy Day to Evening

Day to evening doesn’t have a gender either. Start with where you are going and what you will be doing both during the day and during the evening. Going to work and then out to dinner with friends? Do you work from home or at an office? What outfits work well for you in that environment? Perhaps a wide-leg cut of dress pants and a white men’s button-down shirt would be good for starters. If you want to stay on the dressier side of casual, consider a pair of penny loafers or another casual leather shoe that is more unisex looking. A matching men's belt is always a good idea with leather shoes. If the weather is likely to be cool (or if you just want to take it up a notch), consider adding a men’s blazer. Other good options include more “flowy” women’s pants suits (think palazzo pants with a loose-fitting top, perhaps in linen or silk) in a lovely neutral color. A main component of unisex outfits is that they are not form-fitting—which also makes them extra comfy. Add a pair of loafers or unadorned flats, and you have an ensemble.

Casual Day to Evening

For a more casual day to evening shift, stick with the non-form fitting clothing concept, but take it down a notch (and make it more fun!). Perhaps a women’s or men’s T-shirt with wide-legged jeans and some fun sneakers would do the trick. Play with some lively colors. You could still add a blazer to this combination if the blazer and sneakers work together.

A great way to look for unisex outfits is to look at the celebrities that you admire or surf around a bit on the internet. You don’t want to copy anyone’s style, but a little inspiration can be a great starting place. Is there an actor or athlete whose fashion sense you would like to emulate? Observe what types of separates they wear and how they put them together (including footwear and accessories). It’s always fun to play around with new ideas.

Go find a great unisex outfit that will take you from day to evening!


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