Unique Wrapping Techniques to Try During This Holiday Season

Unique Wrapping Techniques to Try During This Holiday Season

For anyone out there who loves to get crafty during the holiday season, this post is for you! From homemade holiday gifts to baking delicious Christmas cookies for scratch, there’s no end to all the ways you can get crafty this Christmas. That includes wrapping paper too! If you are looking for new ways to up your gift wrapping game, consider using one or several of these unique wrapping techniques.

Roller Stamp Your Wrapping Paper

If you have never heard of roller-stamped wrapping paper, allow us to enlighten you on this fun, crafty DIY project. Buy your wrapping paper (plain brown or white paper is great) and tape a few foam stamps to a lint roller. Soak the stamps in the ink of your choice and glide the roller stamp across the paper. For example, one great design idea is sticking Christmas tree stamps to the lint roller and dipping the stamps in green ink. This will give plain white wrapping paper a much more festive, rustic, DIY feel. This roller stamp method can also be used if you plan to create all of your holiday cards!

Pom-Pom Wrapping Paper

This is a great technique to try, especially if you have young kids who like to do crafty projects. Have them help you make wrapping paper by sticking colorful pom-poms on each wrapped present. You can stick with plain, solid-colored wrapping paper in a festive color like white, blue, green, red, silver, or gold. Then cover it in as many pom-poms as you or your child desires!

Duct Tape Wrapping Paper

At first glance, this might not seem like a very appealing choice, but hear us out! Like pom-pom wrapping paper, this is a crafty project that your kids will likely have a lot of fun doing. Start by wrapping your gifts in cheap, white wrapping paper. Then take an assortment of duct tape colors (holiday colors like white, blue, green, and red work best) and cover the entire wrapped gift with the tape.

Snowflake Paper

This is yet another great wrapping project for kids, especially if kids are wrapping gifts they specifically bought for someone in their life. Get out some colorful construction paper and help them cut out little triangles and other shapes in the shape of a snowflake. They can then use the construction paper to wrap small boxes, and the cut-out snowflakes will add a unique, fun design feature to the wrapping paper.

DIY Decorative Paper

You don’t always have to go to the stores to buy rolls of brightly colored wrapping paper with various holiday print designs. You can make some crafty decorative paper on your own! Start with brown paper or white paper to wrap the gifts. Decorate with a shiny silver or gold ribbon. The silver or gold color nicely accents that brown or white paper. You can also use string to tie in little pieces of Christmas garland, a pinecone or two, Christmas candies, or dried citrus. The recipient of the gift will really appreciate the creative effort you put into a custom-wrapped present.

Artistic Wrapping Paper

If someone in your family happens to be a talented artist, put their skills to good use! You can take plain white or brown wrapping paper and draw or paint beautiful, festive pictures on each wrapped gift. Some fun drawing ideas include colorful ribbons, snowmen, the north pole, or cute little reindeer.

Tie on a Snowflake Centerpiece

If you don’t want to bother with too much ribbon or too many bows, try a unique alternative, like a snowflake centerpiece. Take plain white paper and stencil snowflakes to cut out. Carefully tie the paper snowflake on the wrapped Christmas present. If you want to take it a step further, cover the snowflake with a glue stick and lightly dust it with silver, blue, or gold glitter.

Get Multidimensional With Your Ribbon

Want to step up your ribbon game while you’re at it? After wrapping your presents, use different ribbon styles to type up each gift. For example, you could first layer with a wintery floral print ribbon and add on a lime green string ribbon. This adds more dimension to your gifts and is a unique design that is sure to make gift recipients “oo” and “ah” at the color and creativity.

Ribbon and Lace

Want to make your wrapped gifts look elegant? After wrapping a gift with regular wrapping paper (think solid colored jewel tones), cover the gift in a second layer of lace. This instantly makes the wrapped gift look more special and thus will make the recipient feel pretty special too! Loving these wrapping techniques? Still shopping for gifts and decor like Christmas centerpieces and Christmas candles this holiday season? Visit Lands’ End today to find a wide selection of products that make great gifts!


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