Unique Family Thanksgiving Activities To Bond You Together

Unique Family Thanksgiving Activities To Bond You Together

Thanksgiving is all about celebrating blessings, and family is one of the biggest. That’s why the holiday is perfect for catching up with loved ones over delicious food and rich conversation. It’s also a great chance to strengthen familial ties, especially if the dynamics have been off. Having your own traditions makes you feel closer to one another. It also ensures the holiday is about more than just eating or shopping. If you’re looking for new ways to bring your loved ones together this Thanksgiving, we’ve got you covered. Read on to discover our list of unique bonding activities for the family.

Cook a Meal Together

One of the best parts of Thanksgiving is enjoying a delicious meal with loved ones. Spending time in the kitchen together is a great way to bond and feel more appreciative of the meal. Share the cooking responsibilities by delegating tasks to different family members. You can assign every member a step of a recipe, or have each prepare their own dish. This can easily become a family tradition, too. If one member’s dish is particularly popular, suggest that they make it every year.

Play a Game

Games are an easy way to bring family members out of their shells, and there are plenty of options to choose from. You can go for a classic board game, set up a scavenger hunt, or play cards. If the weather’s good, you can do outdoor games, like touch football or tag. Add a thanksgiving element to whatever game you pick for a unique holiday experience. It’s easy to make your own charade cards, for example, with holiday-specific words and phrases, like turkey or national holiday. For added fun, prepare small gifts to award the winners.

Make Your Own Décor

Crafting is another fun way to bond with family members. You can also use what you make to decorate for the holiday. Keep it simple by upcycling things around the house, or go all out with the latest craft supplies. From handprint turkeys to beaded corn, there’s plenty to make. Head online to discover tutorials and inspiration. Not the crafty type? No problem! Organize a family trip to the store and have fun picking out your thanksgiving décor instead.

Sing Karaoke

For the musically inclined, karaoke can be a great way to enjoy some family bonding. Set up your own karaoke machine and enjoy a personal concert together. You can even turn it into a game by dividing members into groups and having them compete in your own version of American Idol. For added fun, have each choose a song by drawing titles randomly from a hat. Go for songs that are traditional or express thanks to keeping in line with the theme.

Watch a Movie

Having a movie marathon on the couch with throw blankets and snacks is another fun way to bond with family. This is especially true for cold and snowy Thanksgivings. Cue the matching family pajamas! You can pick out a classic holiday title or view an entire film franchise. For added fun, use the movie as a theme for your Thanksgiving event. If you’re watching A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, for example, a few Snoopy-related decorations will delight guests.

Write Letters of Thanks

Expressing gratitude is not only the central theme of Thanksgiving, but it’s also a sweet way to bond with loved ones. For family members who are shy about expressing their emotions, letter writing is a great alternative. Have each family member write a secret letter of thanks for another by drawing random names from a hat. Hand out some paper and pens, and collect the finished letters in a storage bin. Then, pick a moment to surprise everyone with their letters. You can go around the table and have each person read theirs aloud, or leave them to be enjoyed in private. The letters also double as a keepsake for the occasion.

Volunteer Your Time

Volunteering your time together is another great way to bond as a family over Thanksgiving. You could help out at a local soup kitchen, for example, or organize a coat drive for the unhomed. Other ways of giving back include delivering meals to the elderly and disabled, donating pet supplies to an animal shelter, and making holiday cards for the incarcerated.

From cooking a meal together to volunteering as a group, there are plenty of ways to bond as a family this Thanksgiving. Even something as simple as banning phones at the dinner table can help you better connect with each other. Try out one of the activities on our list, or use it to inspire your own ideas. That way, you can get the most out of your day of togetherness.


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