8 Unique DIY Halloween Costumes for 2021

8 Unique DIY Halloween Costumes for 2021

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. We’re not talking about Christmas this time. For this Halloween, you’ll be able to embrace the impossible without breaking the bank. Looking for fun ideas to stand out during spooky season? Check out our list of eight unique DIY Halloween costumes for 2021.

Black Cat Costume

Break out the all-black outfit. You can even make your own cat ears and a tail with cardboard or whatever other fun crafts you have lying around. For the top, check out the relaxed Supima cotton long-sleeved crewneck T-shirt in black. The relaxed fit generously cuts through the body and falls to mid-hip. It’s an exceptional tee with an amazing extra-soft touch. For that sleek kitty cat look, you’ll want the elastic waist high-rise pull-on skinny legging jeans in black. They’re jeans. They’re leggings. They’re full of functionality and style. They’re a fan favorite not just for your black cat costume, but you’ll be able to wear these on multiple occasions.

Lumberjack Costume

It turns out that your fall flannel shirts are versatile enough for even a Halloween costume. There are so many fun colors to choose from with the flannel boyfriend-fit long-sleeved shirt. Go for the diode pink plaid or the verbena/yellow artisan plaid for that classic lumberjack vibe. The classic, shirttail hem in a flattering, hip-covering length works tucked in or left out. The sleeves can be worn long or rolled, giving you all-season versatility. You’ll never have to borrow his flannel again, and you’ll be able to have a soft, all-cotton flannel all to yourself.

Be the Breadwinner

Calling all athletes: Have any medals lying around? For this puntastic costume, all you need are medals and some loaves of bread to clearly show that you’re the breadwinner around here. As for the top, try the short-sleeved basic mesh polo shirt. The shirt is designed with a sporty rib-knit collar, straight bottom hem, and comfortable hemmed sleeves. Pair this with mesh gym shorts in classic navy or athletic sweatpants, and you’re sure to look like the star athlete breadwinner this Halloween.

Ghouls and Ghosts

You can either go all black for the creeps or be drenched in head-to-toe white for that effervescently haunting look. You’ll want an all-white or all-black dress to really commit to that ghoulishly stylish look. Paint your nails or get acrylics to make the undead look come to life. Wear your hair long or opt for a tousled wig. Your shoes should also match your outfit. If you dare, get some red fabric paint or markers to give that creepy bloody look.

Fairytale Evil Queen

Looking to add a little wonder to your Halloween costume? You can be a hot-tempered royal DIY queen straight out of a children’s fairytale. Get dressed up in all red, ideally an all-red dress, and make a necklace out of a deck of cards. If you really want to deck out your queenly attire, you can use a hot glue gun and add some imitation stones or tiny mirrors to the hem and bosom of your red dress. Decorate it with decorative rhinestones. A pair of elbow-length red gloves is a classy touch.

Time to Suit Up

The dark suit and glasses is an iconic movie look that pretty much anyone can pull off. Dress up with this suit and glasses combo, and suddenly you’ve become a special agent or a blues musical star. All you need is a pair of dark sunglasses and an all-black suit. Don’t have an all-black suit? Then a dark blazer, dark pants, button-down, and tie will do just fine. If you’d like a little flair and a dark blazer you’ll actually wear outside of Halloween, try the women’s hopsack blazer in black. The slightly shaped side offers a feminine fit and a cut that falls higher on the hip. It’s warm and versatile, and it shakes off wrinkles for all-day wear.

Green With Envy

For a fun play on words, this duo costume involves one of you wearing green and the other wearing a shirt labeled ENVY. You can get either as comfy cotton shirts. If you’re going for the green shirt, then go with one that’s as soft as the relaxed Supima cotton short-sleeved crewneck T-shirt in vibrant yet slightly green colors like seafoam or Baltic teal. You can get the same shirt in white and make it personal. Add the word ENVY, and you can even add some fun embroidery to your monogram.

She Sells Seashells

We don’t just have puns for you. We have tongue twisters too! Use a women’s spring jacket such as a trench coat to the next level by stuffing some seashells into the pockets. Put on some cool sunglasses, and you’ll be selling seashells by the haunted seashore this Halloween.

The best part about all of these costumes is that they’re comfortable to wear, easy to make, and don’t cost much if you need to buy any additional goodies to decorate them. So take a look at what you already have in your closet and get creative. Rest assured, by getting any of the cozy clothing items on this list, you’ll not only have a great party costume but year-round options to wear even outside of your happy Halloween.


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