Unique Color Palettes for Christmas Décor

Unique Color Palettes for Christmas Décor

Decorating for Christmas is a favorite activity involving the whole family, whether you’re putting up the garland or decorating the tree. There is a lot to do to get the home festive and party-ready, but it doesn’t have to be a complex process. We’ve got many tips and tricks for decorating this Christmas season outside the box. By that, we mean branching out with a new color palette. Updating the classics can be an exciting process, and with our deals this season, it will be no problem to do it on a budget.

Christmas seems to have a prescription of color palettes already, and they work. A particular song comes to mind… “silver and gold, silver and gold…”—you know the one. Classic Christmas palettes work well, but they can also start to feel tired year after year. Silver and gold or red and green are familiar, but sometimes you don’t want to play it safe. Let us update your home Décor with a few unique color palettes for this holiday season.

Reimagine the Christmas Classics

Take the Christmas classics and mute them. While the bright reds and greens are well-known for this season, you can give them a new spin by using muted colors. Add white to red to make pink, and lighten forest green into sage. Add a plum and off-white, and you have a color palette for the gods.

These colors will look stunning and complement your balsam fir’s dark green. Pink represents the universal love of oneself and others, green alludes to wisdom and intelligence, and plum signifies patience, all beautiful qualities to keep in mind during the holiday season. Update your shower curtains to reflect this stunning color palette and give your bathroom a fresh look when guests come over.

Choose a Calming, Down-to-Earth Palette

An underused set of colors for Christmas is blue and earth tones. Blue is a wintery color and can be seen in the blue hue on snow when the lighting is proper. Blue is a relaxing color and can help set the tone for a chill Christmas gathering. Earth tones help to settle and balance the coolness of the blue and bring the theme down to earth. Decorate the tree with elegant blue baubles and accent them with new earth-tone throw blankets. The space will feel comfy-cozy and calming.

Yet another Christmas favorite off-brand color palette would have to be dark green with browns and golds. The balsam fir itself inspires this gorgeous combination. The brown trunk against dark green fir needles is a charming, natural look that will provide a peaceful, serene atmosphere. You’ll spend lots of time in your living room gazing upon the tree surrounded by these stunning, earthy tones.

These rich, dark colors will look incredible when you throw a string of white Christmas lights on the tree to brighten the room. Start the theme at the entrance with Christmas-inspired welcome mats. It won’t be hard to match a welcome mat to this theme, as brown is the classic background for a mat, and you can easily find one with Christmas trees or a forest theme.

Black and White for the Win

Yet another under-utilized color scheme for the season will be white, black, and gray. This non-traditional but exquisite color combination leaves room for little pops of red (like cranberries strewn across the mantle). They even make artificial trees now that are gray, black, or white, which will suit this theme perfectly. You will be very avant-garde with this color scheme and feel like you’re in a classic black-and-white Christmas movie.

Dreaming of a White Christmas

Along this same vein, an all-white Christmas theme will show your hope for a white Christmas morning. A white Christmas tree with white lights and white decorations will be stunning. Add accents of silver for a touch of sparkle. And who doesn’t love the idea of a fluffy blanket of freshly fallen snow?

A white theme is also easy to match with living room furniture. Bring the theme into the bedrooms of your house with all-white duvet covers for a fresh look throughout the home. The theme presents the opportunity for white candles around the house. Opt for LED tea tree lights if you’re not a fan of open flames or have children or pets. With this all-white theme, you’ll sing “let it snow” all season long.

For a rustic Christmas look especially suited for a home with lots of wood finishes, go for white and brown as your theme. Christmas trees made of natural materials like branches are trending online and will look great with white decorations and spray-painted garlands. For a pop of sparkle, add gold accents for extra holiday cheer.

For an unforgettable Christmas color palette, get creative this holiday season with a theme that is outside the box. Your house guests and you will notice the change and be excited to spend time in the beautiful atmosphere you create.


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