How to Make Your Family Christmas Photo Unique This Year

How to Make Your Family Christmas Photo Unique This Year

With such busy schedules, it can be challenging to keep in touch with everyone as often as we'd like. Sending a family Christmas photo to the ones you love shows them that they're on your mind and that you want to be on theirs, too. For families that want to shake up their annual Christmas card, this is the year to get creative. If you've never sent out a holiday card before, there are plenty of reasons to start off with a unique twist.

Very Merry Virtual Card

Family Christmas cards are traditionally sent through the mail so that your loved ones can have your photo up on the fridge or picture wall all year long. Still, you may only be able to send a certain number of cards based on your budget or how many people's addresses you have on file.

A virtual card is a great way to share your family's holiday cheer with even more people, at little to no cost. Even better, you're able to get super creative with the design and text since you're not trying to fit everything on a paper card. You can find virtual cards that play music, video, or voice notes that the whole family can record together. Most virtual cards are easily downloadable, too, so friends and family can have you up in their photo albums or on the desktop in no time.

Festive and Fun

Have everyone choose their favorite holiday character and dress up accordingly. You can all be Santa's reindeer or Santa and Mrs. Claus with their elves. There are tons of choices to pick from, and you can get as creative as you'd like. Dressing up as an elf is one thing, but what about strapping on a cardboard box and being a present under the tree? Or even the tree itself! If your littlest family member isn't of the decision-making age, a red-nosed reindeer is always a winning and simple option.

If costumes aren't in the cards — pun intended — you can still keep things fun and festive by dressing in matching family Christmas pajamas. If you don't have matching jammies, cute comfy pajamas will do! To take the cute factor up a notch, give everyone a cup of hot chocolate with a generous dollop of whipped cream and take a sip before you snap the photo. Little whip-noses and mustaches are sure to get a laugh at home as well as from those who receive your card.

Keep it Real

Are you all ready to ride out the rest of the year snuggled under your coziest throw blanket? Might as well keep it real and make your photo as hilariously human as possible. Get the lighting in the living room just right and pile onto the couch together. The cozier you feel, the cuter and more candid your picture will turn out.

If you still want to send a more formal family card, but also feel the urge to keep it real, you can always include two photos on the card. The first can be your perfectly posed seasonal shot, and the second can be one of your bloopers. Have you ever looked through your camera roll and started laughing because everyone looks confused, or your little ones are rolling their eyes? Showing both sides of yourselves gives your loved ones a glimpse into the real you.

People-Free Personalization

Are you tired of trying to figure out how to get the best lighting for your family Christmas photo? Maybe the kids don't want to play along with your fun ideas, or you'd rather not clean the living room just to get a good shot. Fret not! There are tons of ways to insert yourselves in a photo without physically being there.

A crisp shot of your family's personalized Christmas stockings on the mantle will bring warmth and cheer to your loved ones. Another classic option is to capture your stunning Christmas wreath with a family motto or a holiday wish for joy, love, and light will give everyone you reach out to a feeling of warmth and belonging.

Take hold of the chance to connect with your extended family and friends by sending them a family Christmas photo. Whether you stay traditional with your photoshoot or add a twist, the most important thing to remember is to have fun and send cheer to your family and friends.


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