4 Unexpected Places to Wear Your Polo Shirt

4 Unexpected Places to Wear Your Polo Shirt

Polo shirts are versatile and trendy, and they come in a wide range of styles. Polos can either be dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion, but thanks to their crisp collars, they can make any outfit feel a little more dressy. While polos are both classic and cute, you might find that you have several sitting in the back of your closet or haven’t upgraded your polo rotation in years. This could be because you simply aren’t sure how to work your polos into your rotation or need some inspiration for how to get the most use out of your polos.

If you find yourself nodding your head to either of these scenarios, then this blog is for you. Read on for the four unexpected places you can pull off the perfect polo shirt look.

To the Beach

If you have a beach day planned, then a women’s polo shirt should definitely make its way onto your packing list. A polo shirt is a perfect top to throw over your swimsuit before heading out, or to keep in your bag as a dry option to change into once the day is coming to an end.

Opt for a short-sleeve polo shirt in a material like Supima cotton and a fun color block, floral, or nautical pattern. This top works so well for beach days since it pairs with shirts in a way that’s sure to create a pulled-together warm-weather look, while actually being just as comfy as any other T-shirt you might throw on before heading to the beach. This type of polo can also easily be folded up to fit in your favorite beach bag, and it pairs perfectly with your go-to sunglasses and sunhat.

To a Work Meeting

A women’s black polo is an ideal top for your next virtual or in-person meeting. If your office is business casual, you can layer your black polo under a crewneck or V-neck sweater for a trendy and work-appropriate outfit, or simply wear the top as-is without another layer since the collar provides a work-ready look.

If your dress code is a little more on the business professional side, simply pair your black polo with a blazer and slacks or a skirt. Since a black polo is so versatile, you can work it into virtually any work look rotation simply by pairing it with various top layers and different bottom options. This polo’s black collar will always provide a solid foundation for your look and will pair great with a subtle pair of earrings or a topknot headband to accessorize.

On a Date

Whether you’re getting ready for a first date or your weekly date night, a polo shirt can save you from any last-minute “I have nothing to wear!” spirals. While you might not immediately think polo shirt when picking a date night outfit, a women’s red polo shirt can be a fun and flirty top for your next date. Start with choosing a shade of red that best suits you and build your outfit out from there. If you’re going to a nice outdoor restaurant, opt for a long-sleeve or quarter-length sleeve polo and pair it with a trendy knee-high skirt and opaque tights combination.

Complete this look with a leather or pleather jacket or a slightly longer trench coat and your go-to dressy boots or booties. If your date is more casual, opt for a short-sleeve red polo layered under an open-front cardigan and paired with straight-leg jeans and booties. For either look, accessorize with a pair of drop earrings to dress the look up a bit. Drop or dangling earrings look great with a polo because of where the top of the collar aligns with your jawline.

On a Hike

A women’s long-sleeve polo shirt will become your go-to hiking top. The long-sleeve cut will provide the protection you need from any harmful sun rays, but it can also be worn as a removable layer over a moisture-wicking sleeveless tunic or sports bra since you can simply tie the polo around your waist or stick it in your backpack if you want to shed a layer. We love long-sleeve polos for hiking, especially in a breathable combed cotton mesh fabric, because they pair so well with any workout bottoms.

Polos look great with anything from cropped yoga pants to mesh hiking shorts and are flattering on any and all body types, so you’ll be able to enjoy your hike in confident style and comfort. Plus, if you have any post-hike lunch or coffee plans, you’ll already be good to go in your polo versus having to change out of your activewear.

These are just a few ideas of how you can work your favorite polo shirts into your regular wardrobe rotation. If you get creative about your layering and accessories, we’re sure you’ll easily find even more unexpected places to wear your polo.


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