Unconventional Wedding Ideas

Unconventional Wedding Ideas

Who says you have to get married in a church? For couples who want to break tradition, there are plenty of creative, alternative ways to tie the knot. Perhaps you’re seeking adventure. Maybe you just want a unique way to make your special day your own. From luxury camping to hot air ballooning, there’s something to suit your style. Read on to discover our best picks of unconventional wedding ideas for the big day.

Barn Wedding

For an idyllic, rural setting with rustic charm, you can’t beat a country barn. These large, charming sheds offer stunning scenery and plenty of space to host family and friends on your special day. When it comes to decorating, the possibilities are endless. The large open space and natural wood are just some of the great features you’ll be able to play with. Thanks to the beautiful surroundings, there’ll also be fantastic photo opportunities for you and your guests.

Picnic Wedding

A picnic wedding is a fun and unique way to celebrate your upcoming nuptials. Grab some blankets and refreshments and head to your favorite field or park. You can go all out with food service or keep it casual and laidback with DIY food bars. A picnic wedding doesn’t have to be limited to just the daytime. With a few lights (and lots of bug spray!), you can also enjoy this unconventional celebration after dark.

Hot Air Balloon Wedding

Start your new life together on a high note by getting married in the sky. A hot air balloon wedding is both romantic and adventurous. Keep it local at a balloon field nearby, or make it a destination wedding and travel to a unique place. Many balloon fields offer special packages for the big day. You can say your vows up above or get married on the ground and offer rides to guests. The scenery and unique experience will make it an unforgettable event.

Glamping Wedding

Nature is appealing, but so are the comforts of home. Get the best of both worlds with glamorous camping. There are plenty of gorgeous “glamping” venues to choose from, with tents, yurts, or RV campers for hire. Treat guests to personalized sleeping bags and invite them to spend the night or weekend. You could add a hike to the itinerary or set up a campfire under the stars. With amenities like electricity and AC, everyone will enjoy a luxurious stay in beautiful surroundings.

Theme Park Wedding

Turn your wedding day into a fairytale by hosting it at a theme park. You can walk down the aisle with a castle backdrop or have your favorite character officiate. This is a great venue for adrenaline junkies, too. What’s more exciting than saying “I do” at the top of a rollercoaster? Many theme parks offer accommodation, and guests will have plenty to see and do on your special day. The unique photo ops and entertainment are sure to make it a memorable trip.

Beach Barbecue Wedding

The beach is another beautiful, romantic setting for exchanging your vows. Watch the sun go down together and then celebrate into the night with family and friends. You can serve anything from grilled meat to corn on the cob. Arrange outdoor furniture around the campfire and set up a s’mores station. You can also provide different instruments for guests to play. Depending on the location and weather, you may even be able to enjoy a bit of night swimming.

Museum Wedding

A wedding is a monumental occasion, so why not celebrate it in a monumental place? A museum wedding affords you the opportunity of being surrounded by loved ones and also world-renowned sculpture and art. Exchange vows in front of your favorite painting or dance the night away next to historical artifacts. Your guests will love getting to see these priceless pieces up close and personal. The exquisite décor will also make for some gorgeous wedding photos.

Bowling Alley Wedding

Turn your lucky strike into a streak with a bowling alley wedding. This is a great place to host your wedding, especially if you’re looking for a retro vibe. Guests will get to enjoy great food, conversation, and music, all while knocking down a few pins. Keep it casual by encouraging friends and family to wear their comfy clothes. For a dressier event, set a vintage-inspired theme.

Escape Room Wedding

An escape room wedding is a fun and interactive way to celebrate your partnership with friends and family. You can divide guests into teams with separate rooms or create a custom adventure that requires them to all work together. This is a great way for out-of-town guests and new family members to get to know each other. Treat the winners to a small prize or a special cocktail once they’ve completed all the puzzles.

Cruise Wedding

Get married, go on your honeymoon, and vacation with your guests—all in one! A cruise wedding is a great way to celebrate while enjoying all the amenities of a ship. Pack your swimsuit, grab your sun protection, and get ready to soak up the sun. Whether you travel to multiple destinations or just enjoy the open sea, it’s a unique experience to share with family and friends. It also works for couples who choose to elope. There’re many different ways to plan and host your wedding on the seas. Get married before you depart, exchange your vows onboard, or tie the knot at a destination port.

Whether you book a cruise or hire out a barn, an unconventional wedding is a fun and memorable way to celebrate your marriage. Plan ahead and shop at Lands’ End. From travel accessories to wedding gifts, we have just what you need for your special day.


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