The Ultimate Winter Fun Bucket List

The Ultimate Winter Fun Bucket List

Looking for ways to spend your time off this winter? From relaxing by the fireplace to fun-filled activities for the whole family, this ultimate winter bucket list has you covered!

Create Paper Snowflakes

This can be done with any scrap paper you have lying around! (Bonus points if you make this activity eco-friendly by using reused paper pulled from your recycling bin). Make all shapes and sizes and then string them together to hang around the house.

Build a Snowman

Bundle up in your warm winter down coats and spend the afternoon in the yard or at a park building a snowman with the whole family. No snow in your area? Build a sandman at the beach or at your local park’s sandbox. Either way, don’t forget his carrot nose!

Make a Gingerbread House

You can now buy prefabricated gingerbread house kits at most grocery stores for a fun and easy activity. Or, you can really get into the holiday spirit and bake your own! Let the kids decorate with frosting and candy.

Go Ice Skating

Bundle up the kids in their cozy kids coats, break out the skates and head to the ice rink! The ultimate fun winter sport for the whole family.

Write a Letter

Get into the spirit and hunker down with an old fashioned pen and paper to write a snail mail letter to an old friend. Make it a family activity by writing thank you cards to friends and family post-holiday gift exchange.

Go Sledding

Layer up with your women’s winter vest and some warm fleece and hit the slopes(or the tiny hills)! For those at the beach or in the desert, you can shred too. Just grab a cookie sheet and hit the dunes (just make sure your dunes aren’t in a protected or off-limits area).

Read a Book

When the weather outside is frightful, sometimes there's nothing better than reading a good book. Get cozy by the fireplace wrapped up in your favorite fleece throw blanket, sip some hot herbal tea and have a nice quiet afternoon reading that novel you’ve been meaning to.

Get in Touch With Your Artistic Side

Have a painting day! Grab a pack of canvases to involve the whole family. Paint a still-life from your home together, or pull up an old Bob Ross video and paint alongside everyone’s favorite painting teacher.

Get Organized for Good

Things can get cluttered in your home over the course of the winter (especially after everyone receives new toys and clothes for Christmas!). Get a head start on your spring cleaning and clean out your closets. Get the kids to pile up some old toys they don’t play with anymore, purge some those old fast fashion blouses you never wore, and donate your gently-used items to a local shelter.

Have a Movie Day

Get together with the whole family make a list of movies you can binge watch together. Turn your living room into a theater with extra pillows and blankets, make some popcorn and snacks, and get to watching! You won’t even have to get out of your comfy pajamas set.

Have a Matching Pajamas Day

In the same spirit of cozy relaxing with the whole family, start a new holiday tradition by getting matching family pajamas for parents and kids alike. Don’t forget to snap some pictures!

Bake Your Heart Out

The holidays are the time for sweet treats after all. Spend a whole day baking! Try new recipes or stick to your old family tried-and-trues. Get into the spirit of things by giving all your cookies and cakes away to family, friends and neighbors.

Get Some Exercise

If it’s too cold to go outside, but you don’t want the whole family to veg out in front of screens all day, just break out your women’s workout pants and find a fun exercise activity to stay physically active indoors. Make up games to keep the family engaged, learn a dance routine together, or do a routine from an online exercise video.

Plan a Winter Getaway

If travel is on the table for you and your family, spend some time this winter away from home. Melt your winter blues away by planning a vacation in the tropics, or plan a stay at a cozy cabin in a mountainous winter wonderland.

Plan a Winter Staycation

If you want to have your vacation feel like a winter getaway, but traveling isn’t an option for you and your family, plan a staycation! Rent an Airbnb close to home, or go camping in your own backyard. Get creative and get planning.


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