The Ultimate Guide to Women’s Rain Coats

The Ultimate Guide to Women’s Raincoats

When dark clouds roll in and the air pressure shifts to signal a storm is on its way, what’s your first reaction? Are you gleeful, ready to throw on a pair of galoshes and go sing in the rain? Or do you dread the change in weather and run for the hills? No matter your preference, you should prepare yourself with a good raincoat for the next time you’re caught in the rain. But what are the best raincoats for you? We’ll cover everything you need to know for your next raincoat purchase, and you’ll be well on your way to staying dry even in the wettest of storms.

Start With the Why

The first thing to consider while shopping for your next raincoat is why you will be wearing it. Figuring out the why will help you narrow down your choices. For example, maybe you are purchasing a coat to throw on during your commute to work when you’ll only be out in the rain for a short while. You’ll want a coat that looks professional and keeps you dry so you can look polished as you step into the office. Or, if you need something to roll up easily to throw in your backpack for your next hiking adventure, you’ll probably be on the hunt for something that has the technical features up to the task. As you begin your research, figure out your primary activity for the coat and go from there. You may find you’ll need two styles to suit your needs.

What Weather Will Your Raincoat Weather?

Another important question to ask yourself before deciding on a raincoat is what sort of weather you’ll encounter. Consider your hometown climate as well as climates where you frequently travel. Is there a rainy season? If so, you’ll probably prioritize durability and comfort for everyday wear. Are you in a city? You may find yourself walking in the rain more often than if you live in a suburb and commute via car. When you consider the weather, you’ll determine the quintessential features you’ll need in a raincoat.

Make a List of Important Technical Features

Water-resistant or waterproof? Lined or unlined? Hooded or not? These are all important questions to ask yourself as you’re shopping for a new raincoat. The answers will go back to what you’ll be doing while you’re wearing your raincoat. If you see yourself pairing the jacket with a bright, cheery umbrella, you probably don’t need a hood. If your area tends to have cold, rainy days you’ll probably want to invest in a lined jacket to keep you warm and dry. Drizzles or spring showers may only require a material that is water-resistant, while full-on thunderstorms should be answered with a tough, waterproofed coat.

While you’re shopping, remember to look at all the technical features, including smaller details like drawstrings, zippers, and elastic. The main purpose of your raincoat is to protect you from the elements, and these features are there to help, such as zippers that zip up to your chin or elastic waistbands and cuffs to keep out the moisture from any angle. Once you’ve found the right combination, you can make an informed decision about which features you’ll need.

Fit Your Raincoat to Your Style

When you begin your journey of shopping for a new light jacket to weather the rain, you may discover all the different styles, including raincoats, anoraks, trench coats, and jackets. Which is right for you? You’ll be more likely to throw on your raincoat if it goes well with your outfit. That means you should invest in a raincoat that reflects your style and can layer over the clothes you’ll find yourself wearing on most rainy days, whether it’s women’s cotton sweaters and jeans or work dresses. Try a raincoat in your favorite bright color, like turquoise or red. You can even try a pattern like nautical stripes or bright florals to make your outfit pop on those cloudy, drizzly days. If tradition is more your speed, opt for a classic beige trench coat when raindrops start to fall.

Find the Right Length for You

Raincoats come in a variety of lengths, from knee-grazing trenches to fitted anoraks. Length will be an important consideration when you’re choosing your next raincoat. Short, fitted styles are great for those days when you need true waterproofing, and thigh length is perfect for keeping your jeans dry when your umbrella just won’t cut it. Longer jackets will pull double duty, keeping you dry and warm, especially if you are throwing them on over a T-shirt dress during a surprise spring shower.

With all of the choices for your next raincoat style, you’ll have no problem finding coverage to weather your next storm. Maybe you’ll even love your raincoat so much, you’ll start to look forward to rainy days. After all, rain nourishes plants, trees, and flowers, and your next rainy walk might lead you to discover new growth. Rain, rain go away? Maybe another day.


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