The Ultimate Dad Gift Guide for Christmas

The Ultimate Dad Gift Guide for Christmas

Dad has done so much for you throughout your life. Even the greatest gift in the world wouldn't be enough to express your gratitude, but you can take baby steps by giving him something this holiday that he will treasure for a lifetime. How can you make his day special? Leave the ties and coffee mugs behind in favor of these beautiful options he's sure to appreciate — and actually use! Here's our holiday gift guide for dad.

Cashmere Sweater

A men's cashmere sweater may be one of those items that he didn't realize he needed until you thoughtfully decided to seek out the perfect one of all. Available in a variety of silhouettes, cashmere sweaters look great with just about everything in his closet. The material is renowned for its softness, comfort, and classic appeal, and it's easy to wear throughout the season. He can even wear it during spring and fall depending on what the weather is like.

As for which style works best for dad, consider how he dresses on a daily basis. If he's more the casual type, a quarter-zip cashmere sweater is a great choice! It's polished but exudes a slightly laid-back vibe thanks to its minimal zipper. He can easily pair it with anything from jeans to khakis and feel perfectly warm and comfortable from head to toe. If he prefers to layer his garments and wouldn't miss a day without his trusty flannel shirt, a cashmere turtleneck is a great alternative. He can put it on beneath the shirt or under a vest, jacket, or men's winter coat to lock in body heat and stay comfortable even when the conditions are bone-chilling out there.

Flannel Pajamas

It's just as important to stay toasty at home! That's what the holiday season is all about, and if he's earned some much-needed downtime after working hard all year, he'll appreciate the gift of cozy men's flannel pajamas even more. Just as soft and smooth as you might expect, these garments are made with his comfort in mind.

You can put together a pajama shirt and a pair of matching bottoms for an instantly perfect gift that he can enjoy right away. If he's all about making memories on Christmas morning, you could even surprise your parents with a pair of matching family pajamas. They'll make for some epic holiday photographs! Don't forget to add a flannel robe to his gift to create the set. These are pieces he can wear winter after winter in complete comfort.

Comfortable Vest

If dad tends to spend much of the season outside, help him stay protected from the elements in a comfortable men's winter vest. Vests are a sensible choice for the season because they can be worn in so many ways. Dad can layer it over a long-sleeve shirt or slip it on beneath a jacket or a coat depending on the forecast.

Consider the climate where he lives if you aren't sure which style is most appropriate. A down vest is ideal if he resides in a relatively snowy, typically freezing environment that requires maximum protection from harsh winds, bitterly cold temperatures, and potential wet weather. Down is always a suitable material for such areas, as it helps lock in body heat without adding extra heft to his frame. That also makes it a practical choice to wear underneath a coat. Otherwise, fleece is a lighter yet no less comfortable alternative that adds warmth and style to his cold-weather wardrobe. You can even personalize his vest for a thoughtful finishing touch that he'll truly appreciate.

Winter Accessories

He may have an old pair of gloves and a scarf that he grabs at the first sign of winter weather. But you can upgrade that situation by surprising him with a few new cold-weather accessories. A great pair of gloves can last for years and years, and if they have seen better days, it's high time to replace them with something durable and warm. Features like cashmere lining, waterproof exteriors, and compatible fingers that make it easy to use smartphones and tablets are key.

He could likely use a scarf and a hat, too! Luxurious materials like cashmere and chunky rib knits are sure to keep him warm and will add a level of easy style to his winter wardrobe, too. You can monogram these pieces to ensure that he thinks of you every time he slips them on—and odds are he'll want to wear them all season long once he feels how soft they are and experiences the incomparable warmth they provide.

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