How To Turn Your Bedroom Into an Oasis

Bedtime Story: How To Turn Your Bedroom Into an Oasis

If there is one place that should be relaxing at all times, it’s your bedroom. You should be able to easily fall asleep in a restful space and feel comfortable cracking open a book and having a cup of tea before bed. Turning your bedroom into a calming oasis is a surprisingly easy task, and you may even have many of the tools to do so in your possession already. Here are some ways to create a bedroom oasis, whether you have a large space or a small bedroom.

Get a Mattress You Like

Your bed is the centerpiece of your bedroom — the room is even named for it. In order to have any sort of ideal bedroom, your bed must fit the part.

To create a bedroom that feels like an oasis, ensure your mattress and mattress pad is comfortable and to your liking. Everyone has a unique mattress preference. Some people like soft, cushiony beds, while others prefer firm mattresses, and others require specific mattresses for their back. Pick the mattress or mattress pad that suits your needs to make sure you look forward to getting into bed every night. A true oasis is a space you look forward to visiting and know it’ll suit your every preference. Next, make sure you’re happy with your mattress, which just might be the first step in creating a calming bedroom.

Pile On the Blankets

Being cozy is instantly associated with being relaxed, and there are few things that are cozier than throw blankets. Your bedroom can feel relaxing, calming, and like a true oasis with the addition of layered throw blankets on your bed. Make sure the blankets are easy to access for before-bed reading and easy to pull up when you’re about to fall asleep.

When it comes to throws, there are many options. You can opt for a blanket in a calming shade or a blanket lined with cozy fleece. You can also add some pizzazz to your relaxing room with a blanket in a fun leopard print or a bright plaid. No matter what you choose, throw blankets are sure to make your bedroom into a calming space you’ll look forward to spending time in.

Get Some Throw Pillows

Throw pillows pair perfectly with throw blankets. Keep your bed extra cozy by purchasing some decorative pillows to place around your made-up bed every morning and to snuggle up with at night. Choose from throw pillows of many varieties, including faux fur, embroidered, pin-tucked, and even pillows in fun prints like stripes and ice cream. Select a throw pillow that matches your blankets and décor to keep the zen energy flowing.

Invest in Comfy Clothes

Getting into your bedroom and instantly putting on your comfiest clothes is key to creating a space that feels like an oasis. Get yourself a couple of different comfortable outfits. Start with comfy sweatshirts that are easy to throw on over anything. Next, purchase a few pairs of sweatpants, stretchy shorts, and leggings to complete the look. We have a wide array of comfy pant options, including plus-size comfy shorts.

Make sure your comfy clothes are always folded and ready for you to put on as soon as you step foot in your bedroom. It’ll help you stay relaxed and cozy in your space and help you associate your bedroom with calmness.

Think of the Things That Keep You Calm

We all have things that make us feel relaxed — a favorite color, a family picture, a type of plant, or a specific blanket. Think of the items in your life that evoke a calming reaction and infuse your room with those items. There is no wrong way to decorate your space with items that calm you down. Simply think of a list of items and start placing them on your shelves, bed, or walls.

Keep Your Room Clean

A tranquil bedroom is a clean bedroom, so it’s crucial to keep your space tidy and well-maintained in order to create an area that brings you peace. The best ways to keep a bedroom clean? Wash your bedsheets every week, vacuum a few times a month, dust your shelves or bookcases, fold your laundry as soon as it’s dry, and keep clutter to a minimum.

Storage baskets are a great way to keep visible clutter organized and also function as a pretty piece of décor in your room. Purchase a few storage baskets in varying sizes to store your knick-knacks.

Creating a bedroom that feels like an oasis is simple and is truly the best way to ensure you’re as rested as you can be for every day — whether that means a day at the office, a day running errands, or a day chasing the kids.

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