5 Tunic Outfits for Tall Women

Try Tunics in 2022: 5 Outfits for Tall Women

Tunics are versatile items that are a must-have for any closet, especially for tall women. Tunics, by definition, usually are longer than a regular shirt and can sometimes come all the way down to mid-thigh length. There are many ways to wear your go-to tunic throughout the year: they can easily be dressed up or dressed down and come in all different types of fabric, making them ideal whether it’s a summer day or cold night.

If you’re looking to add tunics to your outfit ideas in 2022, here are some great tunic outfits ideal for tall women.

Try a Tunic And Black Jeans

Like tunics, women’s black jeans go with everything and are an ideal item to wear with any color tunic. You can pick the style of jeans you want to wear with your tunic and choose to wear it loosely tucked into your pants or untucked. Depending on the style of the shirt, wear white fashion sneakers or a pair of flats to complete your look.

Since black is such a versatile color, any style tunic will go with this outfit. Choose a patterned or striped tunic, or go for a tunic in a solid color. Try a tunic in a color other than black to make your outfit really pop!

Opt For Skinny Jeans

The flowy nature of tunics makes them a great item to wear with a pair of slim-fitting skinny jeans. A floral print or button-down tunic looks great with skinny jeans. Skinny jeans and a tunic top can easily be dressed up, too, with the addition of a pair of high-heeled shoes or knee-high leather boots.

Go Comfortable With Leggings

Long tops are a go-to for many people when they put on a pair of leggings, and tunics are the perfect option for a legging-based outfit. They’re long enough to cover your bottom and can turn leggings into a full-blown outfit, instead of just something thrown on for working out.

Tunics in fabrics like jersey, cotton, and sweatshirt material are great when worn with a pair of leggings, fashion sneakers, and a long necklace. Plus, as a bonus, this outfit is likely the most comfortable option in your closet.

Tuck It Into a Mid-Length Skirt

A midi skirt is a great skirt length for tall women because there’s no risk it’ll be too short and no risk that a maxi skirt will appear like it should be floor-length. Grab your favorite mid-length skirt and wear it with a complementary tucked-in tunic. For footwear, go with a pair of slip-on loafers in the fall or winter or a pair of fun sandals in the spring or summer. This look works just as well for a meeting as it does for a celebratory brunch with your family. To make this look dressier, wear your mid-length skirt with high-heeled leather shoes in the winter or open-toed block heels in the warm-weather months.

Add a Belt

For tunics that are long enough to warrant it, a skinny belt can add some definition to the traditionally loose-fitting shirt. Belts are best for long tunics that extend past your bottom, not with shorter tunics. Try belting a solid-colored tunic with a brown or black leather belt. This outfit looks particularly good when worn with a long white button-down tunic and a pair of skinny jeans or leggings.

Remember to Accessorize

Tunics look great on their own and with accessories of all sorts. Once you’re in your tunic, dress it up with a few layered necklaces or a pair of hoop earrings. Winter scarves also look great with tunics, as do scarves in lighter fabrics for spring and summer. For a tunic that comes in a solid color, a scarf in plaid, a floral design, or a paisley pattern can be a way to add some dimension to your outfit.

Tunics are an ideal top option for tall women—they’re naturally long and look good with go-to bottoms like skinny jeans and leggings. There’s a tunic-based outfit that’s ideal for almost any event, whether you’re dressing for work, a party, your kid’s soccer game, or date night with your partner.


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