5 Tricks to Layering Clothes

5 Tricks to Layering Clothes

Many people pile on layer after layer as protection from cold weather. But, if you know how to do it properly, layering can be a fashionable way to keep warm and toasty while showing off your creativity. There’s more to layering with a touch a style than throwing on your favorite winter coat or jacket. Though chic outerwear plays a crucial role for layering in fall and winter, you’ll also need a few other pieces, such as base layers, women’s sweaters and dresses, accessories, statement pieces, and more. Some items, like over-the-knee boots and a neutral, long-sleeved sweater, are more versatile than others.

However, for those who like to stand out, there are also a few items you can add to your lineup for eye-catching styling. You can also repurpose your favorite spring and summer items in chilly weather. Don’t just focus on the top of your body. There are cool, funky ways you can layer with leggings, hosiery, and socks. Finally, layering can mean over or under, like layering a blouse underneath a sweater dress. Follow the tips and tricks below for stylish ensembles any day of the week.

Choose Base Layers

You most likely have plenty of base layers to choose from, but it wouldn’t hurt to invest in a few more pieces if they offer better versatility than what you already have. Thick long-sleeve shirts, fleece, and cotton and cashmere sweaters are a given. However, when layered with other pieces, knit dresses, your favorite warm-weather dresses, blouses, bodysuits, jumpsuits, and overalls are also options.

Try to see the bigger picture for your outfit. If you’re going to choose bold accent clothing, maybe stick to neutral base pieces or vice versa. However, if done right, you can wear edgy base pieces with a vibrant hue or fun pattern with an additional patterned accent layer. Or, if you want a classier approach, a monochromatic outfit is the way to go. Wearing the same color or pattern head to toe looks sophisticated, especially if you’re heading to work.

Also, the right fit will achieve your fashion dreams. Maybe stick to fitted base clothes and toss over a bulky jacket. Or you can layer an oversized, baggy tunic sweater over jeggings or leggings. Remember, the key is visualizing your entire outfit from base to end.

Accent with Additional Clothing Layers

After choosing your base layers, decide on additional clothing pieces to wear as accents. You have plenty of combinations to play with. A common choice is layering a button-down shirt or blouse underneath a long-sleeved sweater or knit dress. Another classic layering style is a cardigan over your base layer. If you’re not ready to put away your favorite cotton sundresses, don’t worry! Sundresses look great when layered underneath a cardigan, a denim jacket, or a leather jacket.

For something a bit different, layer a chunky knit sweater underneath your favorite denim jumpsuit. Or layer a long cardigan or a bomber jacket over your favorite jumpsuit. To get in on the layering trend, start with a graphic T-shirt. Layer over a jumpsuit and then your favorite jacket. So many cool layers!

Finally, if you’re heading to the office, incorporate a blazer. Just layer a blazer over your base layers for a workplace-appropriate outfit. If you want to look stylish, rock black head-to-toe by wearing a black turtleneck, skinny jeans or slim pants, a tweed blazer, and a cinching leather belt.

Wear Fashionable Outerwear on Colder Days

There’s a chance that you take off your winter coats as soon as you make it indoors. That doesn’t mean this essential layering piece can’t be stylish. Why spend so much time focusing on putting together a chic fall or winter ensemble to throw on a shabby coat or jacket? The outerwear you pick depends on the overall theme of your outfit. If it’s a casual or sportier ensemble, you’d want something that matches the other pieces, like a puffer jacket, parka jacket, down coat, or fleece jacket.

For dressy outfits, a tweed coat, trench coat, faux shearling coat, peacoat, or teddy coat are all fashionable picks. If you’re going for cool or edgy, layer over a faux suede jacket, leather jacket, or moto jacket. Or go full luxe in a real fur coat (or a fur stole to drape over your elegant evening attire).

Pick Out Chic Bottoms

You have more options than you may think for bottoms to layer. Plus, you don’t have to stick to one bottom either. Typical pants that serve as essential layering pieces in cold weather include skinny jeans and leggings.

Try out a few other combinations. You can layer hosiery and leggings under many skirts or even fleece pants for an extra dose of warmth. You can combine fuzzy socks and leg warmers with your bottoms and favorite pair of boots or even open heels.

Invest in a Statement Piece

Tie together your ensemble with a statement piece. Layer bangles or necklaces to continue the layering trend with your jewelry. Or invest in a designer belt that you can match with anything hanging in your closet. Drape over an oversized plaid blanket scarf for a dramatic effect. You have plenty of statement pieces to select from, so choose your favorite that you can wear almost anywhere you go.

Layer your way to show off your personality and style. Yes, you want to dress appropriately depending on your destination or the weather, but have fun while doing it. Experiment with distinct patterns, colors, and textures. Stick to one color head to toe or wear bold pieces. Wear a polished blazer with casual clothing pieces and high-top sneakers, or tie a sweater around your waist. Instead of pairing fitted apparel with a bulky jacket, perhaps wear a loose-fitted sweater with wide-leg pants and casual shoes or booties. Mix and match for a comfy, stylish way to combat colder weather.


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