Tricks to Layering Clothes for Fall 2021

Tricks to Layering Clothes for Fall 2021

Cooling fall temps brings with it the perfect opportunity to layer with style. Aside from the practical aspect of layering (you know, keeping warm and cozy on a chilly autumn day), there’s something super stylish about artfully piecing together layers of clothing. It allows for more dimension, accenting, and style creativity. In this article, we will take a look at some of the top tips and tricks for layering clothes in Fall 2021.

Jackets, Jackets, Jackets

Layering in the fall is all about jackets! Jean jackets, shearling jackets, corduroy jackets---there is no end to varying jacket styles that you can confidently show off during the autumn season. Anytime you are heading out of the house and into the blustery fall weather, layer with a stylish jacket of your choosing. Once you know what jacket styles are right for you, you can have fun mixing and matching them underneath layers. For example, a denim jacket looks great over a plaid flannel button-up or a cozy pullover hoodie. A brown leather jacket will look stunning over a ribbed knit chunky sweater in beige. When you have a few go-to jacket staples picked out, you will be amazed at just how many outfits you can create.

Layer With Flannel Shirts

Who doesn’t love some good flannel shirts in the fall? Not only are they practical and comfy, but they are also an iconic fall fashion staple. If you don’t already have a couple of flannels hanging in your closet, consider adding them to your wardrobe. They are stylish yet relaxed. They can make your outfit look even trendier while still allowing you to maintain a cool, casual, carefree look. A button-up flannel shirt can be layered over a simple long-sleeve Henley, a fitted tank top for those unseasonable warm days, or a graphic T-shirt. For the bottoms, you can never go wrong with a classic pair of blue women’s jeans. Black jeans also work well with a variety of flannel styles and colors. And finally, for footwear, finish off the rustic chic look with brown leather paddock boots. To complete the ensemble, you can also add an outer layer like a denim jacket or leather jacket.

Layer With Sweaters

Cardigan sweaters are about as iconic as denim jackets and flannel shirts. There’s something so quintessentially cozy about seeing someone wearing a cardigan sweater in the fall. It’s a look that oozes softness, warmth, and comfort. If your plan is to spend a cozy day at home catching up on housework, preparing a delicious meal, and finishing it all off with a movie and a glass of wine, we can not think of a better piece to wear than a cardigan sweater. A good quality open cardigan can be layered over a fitted tee, a blouse, or another long-sleeved shirt. If you are heading out in a cardigan, you can layer over it with a lightweight trench coat or a parka.

More Ways to Layer on Top

When we think of layering on top, the most common article of clothing is a jacket. However, there are plenty of other pieces to layer with, such as scarves, shawls, and vests. When you want to feel both cozy and chic, layer a fleece or a black puffer vest over a white cashmere turtleneck. And when you want to create an effortlessly elegant look, layer a print shawl over a black or neutral-colored fitted sweater. If you don’t already have a big, warm shawl on hand, opt for a flannel plaid scarf that you can wrap yourself up in.

Remember Layering Bottoms Too

When it comes to layering clothing, a lot of focus is placed on layering the top. But there are great ways to layer bottoms too! In the fall and winter. Tights and stockings are your friends. Not only will they serve to keep your legs warm on a cold day, but they also add more dimension to an outfit. Wearing a dress or a skirt in the dead of winter?

Make sure to have plenty of tights on hand. Keep in mind, tights aren’t reserved solely for more formal wear; they can also be worn with casual outfits. When you want to get in touch with your inner punk rock, layer tights under a black leather skirt or shorts and finish with a graphic tee, crop top, or lace tank. Complete the top by layering with a long utility coat or a fitted leather jacket.

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