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5 Ways to Style Denim This Fall

As the floaty sundresses of summer transition to the cool denim of fall, you might be looking for a way to bring a little freshness to your autumn outfits. Look no further: These formulas for a fab fall jean outfit will help you take your look to the next level.

Each style uses jeans as the foundation of a totally put-together look. And best of all, they'll flatter your personality just as well as your jeans flatter your shape.

Outdoorsy Chic

If you love the outdoorsy look and want to bring it into your everyday life, you can create an outfit that says "Hey, I can handle myself in the woods."

Start With: A great pair of jeans that allows you to move freely and comfortably. Avoid pairs with rips and frilly touches that would look out of place during a walk in the woods.

Top It With: Get an outdoorsy look by pairing your jeans with tops made from fabrics with a hint of outdoor-performance feel (think flannel shirts, fleece, and down) in patterns like plaid for a bold, outdoorsy look.

Then Add: Skip the handbag and toss your necessities into a pretty little backpack Lace up a pair of light hiking shoes to bring the whole look together.

The outdoorsy look is subtle and pulled together, so don't pair your denim with the beat-up, rugged gear you wore on your last camping trip.

Casual Cool

Admit it—we all want to look a little bit like those paparazzi photos that show celebrities are "just like us!" Luckily, there's a way to get that look even if you're not (currently) the next "It girl."

Start With: Jeans practically invented casual and cool, so they're a great place to start. Pick a pair that has a sleek, body-conscious fit as the foundation of your look.

Top It With: Now add a layer that's loose, long, and easy to play off the slim cut of your jeans; consider a loose-fitting long-sleeved tee shirt or a tunic top that drapes casually past your hips. Look for solid patterns if you're going to be accessorizing with dramatic jewelry, or you can add a bit of wild child into the mix with an animal print.

Then Add: Footwear make the "cool girl" look. Emphasize the comfy with a pair of cute sneakers, or play up the cool with a pair of ankle or mid-calf boots that bring a little edge to your outfit. If you want to take the look to the "I just woke up like this" extreme, you can top the whole look with an oh-so-hip knit cap. Then just grab your sunnies and go!

Business Light

If you work in an ultra-conservative field or are dressing for a more formal event like a job interview, jeans are probably a business no-go. But for more relaxed work environments, you absolutely can use your denim as the basis for a pulled-together work look.

Start With: Focus on clean looks and more conservative cuts; choose jeans that are not overly body-conscious.

Top It With: Then layer on a crisp tailored blouse or a tunic with a bit of a collar. Add a relaxed cardigan or even a sweater blazer for a layered look that radiates modern style.

Then Add: Finish off the outfit with relaxed shoes like loafers, or add a bit of dressiness with a more polished heel. Skip the handbag and carry a laptop bag with you.

Artsy and Bohemian

Jeans may be practical and durable, but they also mix surprisingly well in outfits that have a dreamy, artistic vibe. The key is to use denim as a contrast to the lighter elements of a more romantic look.

Start With: For a boho-chic style, most styles of jeans work.

Top It With: Play off the practicality of denim with items like loose-fitting tunics or tops in a plush, luxurious-feeling fabric like velvet. Opt for rich colors like jewel tones or choose pretty prints. Look for clothing with pretty details, like ruffles or flared sleeves to create a soft style.

Then Add: Finish the look with accessories that add a feeling of delicate movement. Add dangling earrings, a pretty long necklace, or a colorful scarf or wrap for a free-wheeling mood. Finish the look with a pair of sweet ballet flats, and you'll feel like an artist all fall.

Preppy & Fun

If your fashion goal this fall is to give off a bright, preppy vibe, jeans are a great way to get started. The look requires clean lines, bold patterns and bright colors, all of which match well with jeans.

Start With: A pair of dark wash denim jeans as the first piece.

Top It With: Now add tops with bright, primary colors and bold patterns for a fun, clean look with a lot of energy. Choose classic tops like a turtleneck, a brightly hued cardigan sweater, or colorful T-shirt.

Then Add: Put on a pair of brightly hued sneakers, add in a belt in a complementary color, grab a colorful tote instead of a purse (bonus points for adding a monogram), and you'll be ready to take on the day, preppy style.

These five looks take advantage of the amazing flexibility of denim and will take you through the fall in style.


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