4 Trendy Gender-Neutral Outfits for Summer

4 Trendy Gender-Neutral Outfits for Summer

From park picnics to beach days and backyard BBQs, there are just so many things to love about summer. And when we’re thinking about what makes this season so special, summer fashion certainly makes the list. Summer is the best season to bust out your trendiest warm-weather looks, especially if you like the feeling of easy-breezy ‘fits. There’s something about summer outfits that are simply care-free cool. And that one thing we love about care-free cool looks is that they definitely don’t have to be gendered.

When it comes to picking out your trendiest go-to summery looks, it’s super easy to find gender-neutral clothing that’ll keep you feeling and looking your best all season long. No matter what you have on your agenda this summer, the gender-neutral outfits below will take you there in cool confidence.

Jean Shorts and a Lightweight Crewneck Tee

If you’re someone who’s all about staying on-trend, you probably already know that jean shorts will never go out of style. And we’re definitely happy about that. Denim jeans are available in a variety of flattering styles and fits and are one of the most versatile options when it comes to styling summery looks.

Choose the jean short style you prefer and feel most comfortable and confident in. You’ll want to consider factors like the waist – some prefer high-rise or mid-rise – the thigh opening, and the length. Once you’ve found that perfect pair of denim shorts, these will become your summer staple, and you can pair them with an equally classic crewneck tee.

Choose a breezy tee in the sizing that works best for you, from petite sizing to standard unisex sizing to men’s tall t-shirt sizes (as long as you can still see the shorts poking out, you want to be swimming in a pool this summer, not in a tee!).

From there, slip into your coolest kicks, and voila! An easy yet trendy warm-weather ‘fit to get you through the whole season.

Athleisure Wear Paired with A Comfy Top

It’s no secret that athleisure wear is very much in, and there’s something about athleisure clothing that really lends itself to looking and feeling amazing on absolutely everyone. It’s also extra easy to figure out sizing in athleisure wear, and these styles aren’t as gendered as some clothing tends to be. And, if that doesn’t already sound appealing, it’s a huge bonus that comfy clothes aren’t just for getting cozy during the colder months.

Simply opt for warm-weather fits and styles, like mesh or ultra-lightweight cotton athletic shorts and pair them with a trendy box-cut crewneck t-shirt or an oversized muscle tank with a flattering high neckline. With some stylish sunnies and some nice sneakers, this oh-so-easy outfit will quickly become a summer favorite.

A Short-Sleeved Button-Down Rocked with Print Shorts

Looking at trends this summer, we’re happy to report that two fan favorites make the cut: lightweight short-sleeve button-downs and fun prints. When it comes to short-sleeve button-downs, there are really endless varieties and styles to choose from, like a comfy basketweave men’s button-down oxford or a breezy linen short-sleeve button-down with extra-cuffed sleeves to really show off that summer glow.

Opt for a button-down in your favorite summer shade and pair it with complementary pattern shorts. Tropical prints are very in for summer, as are retro color-block prints, leopard spots, or bold vertical stripes.

Of course, you can also flip the script completely and rock a patterned button-down top with solid-hued shorts, or go totally bold and opt for print-on-print. No matter how you choose to make this look your own, style it with a plain white undershirt so, you can keep the top unbuttoned. We think this look looks best with boat shoes or cool high-top kicks.

Simple Yet Stylish Swimwear Looks

The best summers are the ones spent in swimwear. From a pool party to a tropical vacay, beach day, or lake hang, having some swimwear looks in your rotation is a must for summer. The best swimwear looks should be effortless and translate from the water to the shore or a beach chaise with ease.

Find women’s board shorts or Men’s Swim Trunks, depending on the sizing you need to comfortably splash around. When you’re not in the water, pair these bottoms with a short-sleeve airy cotton tee, or throw on a tropical print button-up if you’re heading to a nice lunch by the ocean or strolling down the boardwalk. Just don’t forget the sunscreen!

When it comes to feeling and looking your best this summer, opt for any of these trendy gender-neutral looks and get ready to embrace the season in cool confidence.


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