The Best Ways to Wear a Trench Coat

The Best Ways to Wear a Trench Coat

Every wardrobe needs a trench coat. In fact, trench coats are some of the best winter coats out there. Thanks to their classic design, combined with their cozy warmth, you'll never want to take your trench coat off. Here's a look at the best ways to style your trench coat this winter season.

Accentuate Your Waist Line

Trench coats cover a majority of your body, which is great for keeping warm but not so great for accentuating your best assets. To avoid looking like you're wearing an oversized burlap sack, select a trench coat with a chunky belt at the waistline.

Cinching the belt at the waistline provides shape to the jacket, giving you a feminine figure beneath the bulk of the coat. Plus-size winter coats especially benefit from highlighting natural curves. The result is a warm coat that also flatters your figure no matter what the weather is doing outside.

Play With Color

Most trench coats come in basic colors such as grays, blacks, tans, and even white. Although a neutral color tone is great for going with virtually anything, beat the winter blues by adding a pop of color to your outfit. Use a bright-colored women's cashmere turtleneck or a pair of bright red pumps to give your outfit some pop.

Makeup also works to play up a trench coat look. What's more sultry and mysterious than a red lip with a dark-colored trench coat? Get creative and find different ways to glam up your look with fun pops of color that add intrigue and interest.

Balance Shapes

One thing that trench coats do is add a lot of bulk to your look. Combat the bulky look by balancing fitted clothing with loose clothing. Combine your favorite pair of skinny jeans with a bulkier trench coat on top. Finish off the look with a chunky pair of snow boots for maximum comfort or keep it streamlined with pumps that accentuate your legs. If you aren't into skinny pants, you can still wear something flowy, but keep your footwear looking sleek to balance the look. A quick trick is to style your hair up in a streamlined bun for a sophisticated look that's all about that city life.

You want to avoid wearing a loose, flowy pant with bulky boots and a thick coat. This makes it look like you're swimming in fabric. Keep your look balanced by coordinating footwear and bottoms to create a balanced figure.


When it comes to creating a trench coat style you love, it's all about the accessories. Everything from your makeup to your footwear can be used to curate the perfect look. Start by selecting a handbag or briefcase that suits your style. You can either match your trench coat for a classic outfit, or you can go bold and use your tech bag as an accent piece with a splash of color.

Style your trench coat with a scarf that shouts personal style by combining the color with the natural palette of the coat. Use your makeup and nails to bring some sparkle to the situation. Bright, metallic nails or your favorite eye shadow add some intrigue and interest to your wintery get-up. Lastly, your footwear plays a big role in your overall look. Don't be shy to try new footwear styles or use your favorite pair of knee-high boots to show off your glam this winter.


Overall, styling a trench coat is all about you. Use a trench coat as an opportunity to show off your unique personality. Right now, fashion is all about daring to be different and being bold. Don't be afraid of a little bit of clash, bling, or brightness this winter season. Mix and match unusual color palettes or use textures to create an interesting look. Corduroy pants for women combined with a sleek patent belt over your trench coat create something unexpected.

Patterns and plaids add visual interest to an otherwise plain look. Think outside the box this season and glam up the everyday trench. Don't be afraid to show off your funky side.

Trench coats offer up maximum warmth during the holiday season. They blend in well in city environments and protect you against the elements. But that doesn't mean your personal style needs to fall by the wayside. Put some pep in your step with funky fresh trench coat styles that add interest to those cold, cloudy winter days.


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