Travel Outfits for Every Man

Travel Outfits for Every Man

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, you will want easy options that will keep you looking great and feeling comfy. Let’s look at some men’s travel outfits that fit the bill.

Mix and Match

Plan on mixing and matching your individual pieces. This will save you luggage space and make getting dressed that much faster and easier. You can usually wear a pair of pants more than once (unless you spill something on them) and for a short trip, you can probably get away with one or two pairs of shoes.

Stick with neutral-colored pants and shorts, about half neutral tops and half colored tops, and only bring one pair of dress shoes and one matching men’s belt. A neutral men’s polo shirt can work for both business casual and a round of golf.

At least one sport coat is a good rule if you anticipate needing to look sophisticated and casual. It can pinch hit for most business meetings or an unexpected dinner invitation and get you through in style. For a longer trip, make sure you know how you will launder your clothing. Is there a handy dry cleaner nearby? What about a washer and dryer for a quick load at the hotel?

Proper Fit is Important

Wherever you will be traveling, make sure that your clothes fit well. This may sound obvious, but if you're going on vacation and haven’t worn those clothes for a while, double-check that they are still comfy. By the same token, if you are buying new clothes for your trip (cool!) make sure that they fit your frame. Are you regular, big, tall, or somewhere in between? No worries, at Lands’ End we have you covered. Never compromise. You deserve clothes that make you look and feel great.

Dress Shirt and Dress Pants

If you're traveling for business or know that you will be heading to an event that requires a dress shirt and men’s dress pants upon arriving, you will probably want to travel in that outfit. This will have several advantages. First, if your luggage gets lost (it still happens despite technology) or if your flight is delayed (need we say more?) you'll be dressed appropriately upon arrival. It might be tempting to bring this outfit with you and change upon arrival, but unless you can bring it in your carry-on with any other critical items like your laptop, it will just be simpler to already be dressed for the occasion.

Men’s Jeans and T-Shirt

If you're traveling for pleasure, you will want to be comfy while you're there! Never overlook the versatility of a pair of men’s jeans and a men’s T-shirt. Especially if you choose a white T-shirt, you can dress this outfit up or down. Add sneakers for a super casual day or opt for loafers, a men’s belt, and a men’s blazer to dress it up for dinner or an evening out.

Men’s Jeans and Button-down Shirt

This is a great option if you're traveling on business but are likely to have some casual events or if you simply don’t know all the places you will be going and their likely dress codes. Either a white or “basic blue” button-down shirt is a good choice.

Men’s Jeans and Flannel Shirt

For either a casual weekend (or a comfy flight), consider a flannel shirt and jeans. This combination can take you from a hike in the gorgeous scenery to staying comfortable in over-air-conditioned surroundings. There’s nothing like a men’s flannel. You can use it as a first or second layer for extra warmth or just wear it solo.

Hoodie, T-shirt, and Sweats

Now we’re getting casual! If you will need workout clothes or just want the coziest clothes out there for your trip, make sure to bring a hoodie and some sweats. The only caveat with this combination is that if you will need to dress up at all at your destination, pack “defensively” by making sure to have another outfit in your carryon that can get you through anticipated activities if you and your luggage get separated for any reason.

If you're likely to have the opportunity for a run, working out at the gym, or just need a sturdy pair of walking shoes for sightseeing, make sure to include a pair of athletic shoes that will do the job. Although bulkier than some other items you'll be packing, you won’t want to have to go without them once you arrive. And if you wear them on the plane both to and from you don’t have to worry about packing them. There's no good substitute for the right athletic shoes, and you won’t want to have to go shopping.

With a little planning, you will look great and feel comfy on your trip. Enjoy!


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