Best Travel Accessories for Stress-Free Vacation Planning

Best Travel Accessories for Stress-Free Vacation Planning

Planning a vacation is exciting, undoubtedly, but it can also be a little bit stressful at times. You might be torn between two different hotels, for example, or unsure about how to squeeze in as many activities as possible in a short period of time—or how to squeeze everything into your travel bags! Maybe you aren't even sure whether to hop on the train or fly to your destination. Whatever the conundrum, rest assured that you'll eventually arrive at the best possible decision for your family's needs. And in the meantime, you can acquire the best accessories for travel that contribute to a well-rounded, less stressful planning experience. Let these products ease some of your worries!

Packing Cubes

You'll never worry about organizing your suitcases again when you invest in a few packing cubes. Designed to make the entire process easier, these cubes help you create individual sections that make it easier to find exactly what you need as you dig into your bag. Never again will you rifle through mounds of tops, only to leave an uncluttered mess in your wake as you finally unearth what you wanted. Nor do you have to worry about losing sight of something that you really want to wear during the trip. Not only do packing cubes make it easy to find that cozy wool sweater, but they also allow you to separate everything by type. That can make a huge difference, especially if you're the type who tends to pack a variety of items at once.

Toiletry Organizer

You arrive at the hotel winded from your journey and ready to either order some room service or settle in for a great night's sleep. Whatever the case, you'll make life much easier if you get started on an organized note. What that means for the bathroom: not dumping all of your toiletries in a disarrayed fashion all over the counter. It's far too easy to lose track of what you brought along, and it can be difficult to get ready when you're busy digging through a plastic bag for your makeup and toiletries. Simplify the routine by investing in a high-quality toiletry organizer bag. Look for something that provides enough space for everything that you typically bring, from bottles to makeup brushes. These bags are also ideal for storing smaller items that might otherwise take up space in your suitcase, like belts for your women's jeans and lint rollers for your sweaters.

Packable Vest

It's bound to get chilly out there from time to time. You don't have to worry about packing something in addition to your sweaters and jackets, however—you can simply take along a packable winter vest. It's a great addition to your arsenal if you're planning to get away during the colder months and are concerned about how to pack everything. Since packable garments fold into their own pockets or come with their own individual carrying cases, you don't have to worry about adding extra volume and weight to your load. Better yet, there are varieties available for everyone in the family! They're also easy to wear in multiple ways—either as a middle layer during the winter or as the top layer during fall. Look for styles that are built to perform, like our design that contains 800 fill power down. It locks in body heat to ensure that you stay toasty even on the chilliest days of the year. It also happens to look great with everything from jeans to leggings, and you can easily layer something with long sleeves underneath to ramp up the warming effect considerably.

Fitness Tracker

If you're guilty of falling into some less than optimal habits during vacation, remind yourself that you aren't alone. If anything, you're one of the millions who like to relax and enjoy the fruits of their labor during their trips. It wouldn't be a vacation if you completely deprive yourself, would it? If you're truly stressed about the possibility of falling off of the good-habit train, however, you can make a personal commitment to yourself that you'll monitor your activities throughout the trip. If you don't already have one, invest in a fitness tracker so that you can count your daily steps, check how many calories you burn in a day, and record your workouts. This will help you stay accountable and make it easier for you to meet any goals that you might set for yourself. It may also help to invest in something comfy for your workouts—a few women's T-shirts, for example, and a pair of easygoing sweatpants that you can wear whether you're power walking on the boardwalk or riding a bike.


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