Transitioning From Spring to Summer

Transitioning From Spring to Summer

After another long, cold winter, it finally happened. Spring has sprung: Bees are buzzing, flowers are blooming, and we have fully shed our winter layers. Summer is sneaking up fast. You have already made the seasonal transition from winter to spring, but now we are moving into even warmer months and longer languid days. Let this article be your guide for transitioning your home, wardrobe, and more this season.

Wardrobe Transitions

First and foremost, we must discuss clothing, of course. One of the most obvious and important factors in transitioning between seasons is what you wear during those seasons. The clothes you choose can make or break how you enjoy time outside, or even inside. In the springtime, you may still have your winter jacket hanging near the front door—you never know when you might have a mid-April cold snap, right? However, as we transition into summer, now is the time to pack up the winter clothes and bring out the fun-in-the-sun summer vibes.

Trade your warm, flannel shirt in for a cool, breezy linen shirt or blouse and swap your boots for sandals. This is also a great time of year to get organized. Go through your closets and pick out any clothing you have not worn in the past year. Donate those items to charity and watch your closet space grow.

Separate out all of your heavy winter items such as coats and jackets, fleeces and wool sweaters, and thick warm tights and leggings. There is no reason for these items to be taking up space in your summer wardrobe. Box or bag them up (add some dryer sheets to keep them fresh) and get them out of the way. Now is the time for shorts and T-shirts, sundresses, and tank tops. (Of course, if you live somewhere that it still gets cool at night in the summer, you may want to leave out a light jacket or comfy hoodie.)

Home Transitions

Speaking of getting organized, spring cleaning is in order for your home this time of year. Spend a whole day with the windows open, airing out the last of the winter stuffiness. Throw on your comfiest loungewear, blast your favorite hype music, and get to deep cleaning your home this spring. A thorough cleaning is the best way to transition between seasons.

Put away the flannel sheets and down comforters for the summer. Swap them out for cooler natural alternatives, such as bamboo sheets. You can even transition your throw blankets from thick fleece to a lighter cotton or chenille throw blanket. Opt for lighter, summery colors when redecorating your home for the season. Bring the sunshine in with bright, warm hues and fill your vases with fresh local flowers.

Health and Wellness Transitions

As the weather outside is getting warmer and the days are growing longer, it is important to remember that these changes are not entirely external. We also experience these transitions internally—mentally, physically, even emotionally. Honor and embrace your connection to the seasonal changes this year. Spring is the time for growth and change and summer is the time for health and abundance.

Get your friends or family together and head to your local farmers' market. Spring and summer are the best times of the year to stock up on fresh local fruits and vegetables. Do not forget to bring your favorite canvas tote bag to pile your delicious fresh produce into. Winter was your time for retreat into home and hearth. This is when we are typically spending lots of time indoors and cooking and eating warm slow-cooked foods. As you transition into summer, try to spend less time indoors. Make dinner outside on the grill. Eat big homemade salads for dinner, full of a wide variety of local veggies and lean proteins. Make sure to also drink lots of water this summer to stay happy, healthy, and hydrated.

Get Outside and Get Moving

Speaking of wellness, there is really nothing better for your mental health than spending time outdoors. Now that the sun is out later in the day, you have an extra hour or so to spend outdoors after work that you did not have in the winter or early spring. Take advantage of that extra sunlight. Go for a hike in the woods or at a park, or pack up the car and head to the beach for the day. You could even use this extra sunlight to throw on those cute new high waisted yoga pants and take a new fitness class at the park. Don’t forget your sunscreen!

There are many ways to make the transition between seasons successful. With this guide to help you out, we think you can make this seasonal transition happily and healthfully. Get outside and have a happy summer.


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