Transitioning From Your Winter to Spring Wardrobe

Transitioning From Your Winter to Spring Wardrobe

When winter turns to spring, you don’t have to pack away all your cold-weather wardrobe items. There are some pieces that work for both seasons, including preppy polos and jeans in sizes to fit every body. Keep reading for tips on transitioning your wardrobe from winter to spring.

Add Spring-Inspired Colors and Prints

Some winter-wardrobe essentials—as we’ll soon discuss—are versatile enough to wear almost all year long. Straight-leg jeans with a dark indigo wash, a washable wool skirt in classic navy, and a pair of black leggings are all examples of winter apparel that you can revamp for spring.

Wear these pieces with tops, shoes, and accessories—such as scarves and handbags—in spring-like colors such as sunny yellow, blush pink, and robin’s egg blue. You can even wear white with dark colors for an elegant contrast, such as a white turtleneck with black jeans. To transition your black slacks or khaki chinos into the spring season, wear them with a cotton top in a soft color or floral print.

Create Lots of Looks With Jeans

Perhaps the most versatile wardrobe item you can own is a good pair of jeans. Women’s jeans come in a variety of sizes, cuts, and fits—so you can find your perfect pair. There are straight-leg styles for a streamlined look, along with skinny jeans infused with stretch. High-rise jeans flatter every figure and have an on-trend look, while boot-cut jeans add ’90s-inspired style to your outfit.

Jeans are good for winter and spring. In the winter, you can wear women’s thermals underneath for extra warmth. You can dress a pair of jeans up or down depending on the occasion. For example, a cashmere sweater and heeled boots make a pair of black jeans dressy enough for date night. If you want to create a casual look, flannel shirts are good for wearing with denim.

Wear Polos in Winter and Spring

When it comes to tops, women’s polo shirts can be worn in winter and spring. In the winter, wear a polo under a sweater for a classic look that pairs well with jeans, slacks, or even skirts. For spring, ditch the sweater or tie it around your neck or waist in case temperatures get chilly. A women’s cardigan sweater can be worn over a polo shirt for warmth and a stylish layered look.

Leggings and Tunics for Both Seasons

If you want an outfit you can wear in spring and winter, there’s always the leggings-and-tunic combo. The reason this outfit is so versatile is that both leggings and tunic tops come in spring and winter styles. You can wear lined leggings in the winter or wear them over thermal underwear. Tunics come in short- and long-sleeve styles and can be worn over collared shirts or under cardigans.

In the winter, wear leggings and tunics with a down coat for maximum warmth. Women’s wool coats are another option that complements the look of leggings, especially when you finish the look with winter boots in an on-trend style. There are calf-high boots and ankle boots with faux-fur linings to coordinate with your winter outfit. In spring, pair your leggings with ballet flats or canvas sneakers for a cute, casual look.

Transitioning Your Winter Pajamas

There’s nothing cozier than a pair of flannel pajamas, so why say goodbye when spring arrives? Wear your women’s pajama pants with a cotton tank top to stay comfortable all spring. If you have a favorite flannel robe, you can continue to wear it on chilly spring mornings. If flannel PJs are too warm, swap them for a cotton poplin pair in soft spring hues.

Styling Winter Dresses and Skirts for Spring

Dresses you wear in the winter months can also be adapted for spring. If you wear fit and flare dresses in the winter with a cardigan and winter boots, change the look for spring with jean jackets and sandals. Skirts are also easy to adapt from winter to spring, simply based on the tops and shoes you wear with them.

For example, if you’ve got a black or denim skirt that you’ve worn all winter with turtlenecks or other sweater styles, you can wear it in the spring season with a short-sleeve cotton sweater or blouse in a pastel hue. Experiment with different top-and-skirt pairings to find fresh looks for the new season.

Versatile Outerwear Options

Both spring and winter call for a women’s fleece jacket. In winter, fleece is good for indoor environments and mild winter days. In spring, you can wear your fleece outdoors until it gets too warm. Fleece jackets come in lots of colors, with pullover and zippered styles available. Women’s hoodies are another option for winter and spring; wear them with jeggings for casual streetwear-inspired style or with joggers for an athletic look that’s good for working out at the gym or running errands.

There are lots of ways to transition your wardrobe from winter to spring. Take an inventory of your apparel and you’re likely to find pieces that can be adapted for multiple seasons.


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