Transition Your Fleece From Winter to Spring

Transition Your Fleece From Winter to Spring

Those stubborn snowbanks are starting to melt, it's still a bit light out when you leave work at the end of the day, and, what's that? There are leaves on the trees again? Sure, we might not be the weather channel, but we're pretty sure all signs point to winter ending. And with winter ending, that means that it's spring's turn in the spotlight.

Spring is all about getting outside, enjoying the sunshine, and stopping to smell the roses. And, of course, before we can do all of that (as if we haven't waited long enough already!), we have to take care of spring cleaning and organizing for the new season, including our wardrobes.

With the seasons changing, there are certain items we can pack away, like our heavy-duty squall parkas and our heat-trapping long underwear. But, certain staples that kept us warm on cold winter days will still be a must-have during spring. After all, the spring season will definitely have some April showers and some gray days. And while we're ready for those May flowers already, items like your cozy fleece can help keep you cozy as the season transitions. Read on for a few tips for transitioning your fleece from winter to spring.

Floral Fleeces

One easy way to transition your women's fleece jacket to the new season is to lean into floral prints. Spring is, after all, the very best time to rock your florals as the world outside starts to blossom and bloom. Stay in theme with a floral print fleece to match the season, and opt for a fleece jacket style that isn't too heavy-duty while still providing the warmth you need.

For example, a timeless heritage fleece snap neck pullover top in a navy and hot pink hibiscus flower print, or a blue tie-dye palm print is a perfect spring layer. Throw it over your outfit to keep you feeling cozy during a spring picnic with your friends or on a spring hike. Or, if you prefer a different style, opt for a print quarter-zip fleece pullover top in bright multi-hued floral that you can wear with some cropped jeans or wide-leg linen pants for a perfect spring look you'll want to wear on repeat. While these fleece jackets will provide all of the warmth and coziness of winter, they'll be right on point for spring as far as style goes.

Lighter Layers

As far as transitioning your fleece from winter to spring goes, it's really all in the layers. In the winter, you might wear your fleece over a heat-trapping long-sleeve thermal or a sweater layer, and then perhaps you add a down jacket or parka layer on top. In the spring, however, you can rock that same fleece over an airy women's linen shirt, like a short-sleeve linen tee, or over a simple cotton T-shirt layer. A fleece jacket can provide fuss-free layering for both winter and spring simply by changing up how you style it.

Depending on the weather where you live or on a given day, a fleece jacket might be substantial enough for your outer layer on a spring day. If it's an extra breezy or chilly spring day, though, simply add a lightweight jean jacket layer on top. Or, if it's one of those days when April showers just won't quit (always worth it for the May flowers, though!), add a women's rain jacket.

Another great option for styling your fleece for spring is to opt for a women's fleece vest rather than a full length or quarter-length fleece jacket layer. A fleece vest can work wonders by keeping your core warm while freeing up your arms to catch some of those precious spring sun rays. Throw a fleece vest on over a breezy quarter-length sleeve blouse or a tee, and voila! You'll have a layer that'll keep you cozy all season long without causing you to overheat.

Brighter Bottoms

You can make your cozy fleece jacket work in the spring by opting for springy bottoms. Rather than the long underwear and heavy-duty jeans that keep you extra warm in the winter, opt for airier, brighter bottoms for the spring season. A pair of wide-leg capri pants, for example, will look great with a fleece pullover and will provide the right balance for a sunny yet breezy spring day.

And for those spring days when there's still a winter chill in the air (c'mon, winter chill, take a hint!), you can still totally rock your fleece with jeans. Just opt for seasonally-approved ankle cropped straight leg jeans in a light denim wash or some stretchy cropped white jeans, and you'll be good to go. By changing up your bottoms, you can easily transition your fleece tops into your spring rotation, which is a great way to get even more use out of these comfy-cozy layers.

By opting for fun floral prints, switching it up to lighter layers, and opting for bright and breezy bottoms, you can wear your fleece outerwear into the spring season. You'll appreciate the added cozy factor on spring walks, in-person days at the office (who touched the thermostat, by the way?), or on those magical first of the season picnics.


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