How To Transition Your Closet From Winter to Spring

How To Transition Your Closet From Winter to Spring

The challenge of dressing for that awkward in-between time that comes after winter and before full-on spring is one we’re more than willing to embrace—we’ve been waiting to show off our statement women's sweaters and bright colored tops for months. Plus, a little difficulty figuring out what to wear for the weather means we’re on our way to warmer times, which is a good thing for our moods, as well as our wardrobes. Now’s the time to set away your giant puffer or parka, thank it for getting you through the frigid winter, and move on to newer (and lighter) things. Here’s our guide to how to transition your closet from winter to spring.

Layer Away

While some may claim that spring is the time to go minimal, we tend to disagree—we say more is more when it comes to transitioning to the warmer seasons. This means always layering up to prepare for temperature changes, whether it suddenly becomes cold out of nowhere, or you’re needing to cool off. For spring, we can hang on to all those sweaters we wore throughout the winter, this time layering them on top of our favorite tops, from a basic cotton long-sleeved shirt under a cool women's cardigan sweater or a cashmere v-neck over a t-shirt. Then comes another layer on top of that, like a light jacket or blazer, paired with a scarf if needed, or a hat stashed in our bags just in case.

For us, spring also means it’s time for spring women's dresses, but it can often be too chilly to break them out on their own. This is when some light layering comes in, allowing us to throw on the looks we’ve wanted to wear for spring before the temperature heats up sufficiently. Pair a spring dress, like a spaghetti strap slip dress or fit-and-flare number, with a light t-shirt or turtleneck underneath, depending on how cold it is. You’ll be amazed at how both pieces bring out the best in each other, and the best in you during the transitional time between seasons.

Lighten Up

While it’s often still pretty chilly at the beginning of spring, that doesn’t mean we can’t alter our wardrobes and embrace the seasonal change! We might keep wearing sweaters, scarves, and pants, but we’ll lighten up the color palette, opting for pastel and light, easy colors, like white or cream, beige, and light pink, as we ease into spring. A light-colored scarf can keep you warm while still signaling that spring is here, and a pair of light-colored jeans definitively spell spring fashion, but still keep you nice and toasty underneath.

As we shift into spring, we also find ourselves embracing some of the bolder colors in our closets, the ones we weren’t quite in the spirit to wear during the winter. This means our jewel-toned shirts and bright orange sweaters, the ones that catch our eye every time we open our drawers, but don’t quite make the cut when the temperature is low.

Hold On to Your Hats

While we might be ready to put that beanie in storage until next winter, don’t say goodbye just yet. Hats are a great wardrobe item to hang on to as we transition into spring, keeping our heads warm and our eyes and faces relatively protected from the sun, while also adding some style and personality to our looks. On colder days, keep your beanie or warm winter hat nearby, as it can make or break an outdoor spring hang, allowing you to keep the fun going as the sun goes down or if the wind picks up. When it’s not too freezing outside, opt for a cool baseball hat, bucket hat, or chic beret to keep yourself looking and feeling good during the transitional time between seasons.

Skirt + Warm Leggings

Tights and leggings were basically made for the time between winter and spring (or summer and fall), making it possible for us to wear the shorter skirts and dresses we love when it’s not warm enough for bare legs. Adding a pair of leggings underneath a skirt, whether it’s a midi pencil skirt, or a short mini, is the perfect way to transition from winter to spring. Skirts or dresses with leggings or tights pair well with just about anything on top, but during late winter or early spring, they look and feel great with a cotton shirt under a sweater or blazer, for a fashion statement that remains super comfortable.

Switching up your wardrobe as spring inches toward us is one of the most exciting times to get dressed, allowing us to tap into some of our creativity as we pull out clothing combinations that we might not have thought of otherwise. Check out the links below for more tips and tricks from Lands’ End!


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