The Totes and Bags You Need for Every Season

The Totes and Bags You Need for Every Season

There are practical bags for every facet of your life—and every season of the year. Whether you’re always on the go or just need a bag for your occasional outings, you can rest assured that there’s something stylish and practical that is available for every season. From spacious tote bags to handbags, you’ll easily find something that meets your needs in the vast repertoire of eye-catching styles.

Ultimate Warm-Weather Bags

When it’s hot outside, the last thing that you want is to weigh yourself down with a heavy bag as you combat potent ultraviolet rays and intense temperatures. The key is to strike a balance with something substantial enough to hold all of your essentials, but that won’t make you feel encumbered or uncomfortable. An ultra-light zippered pouch is among the most sensible choices if you’re seeking women’s bags that are easy to carry and practical for both spring and summer. The beauty of this style is that you can simply slide it onto your wrist and go! It’s sized perfectly to hold a few basics, like a smartphone, a wallet, a mirror, and lip gloss. This type of style is perfect for your warm-weather activities, like sidewalk brunches with girlfriends and walks along the boardwalk.

It’s also probable that you want to keep your heavy loads out of the way as you navigate crowded sidewalks on a balmy summer morning. It’s understandable, especially if one hand is gripping an iced coffee to keep you cool as you make your way to the office. Store your everyday essentials inside a sturdy laptop backpack designed to hold everything with ease. Even if your bag is on the heavier side, you’ll never feel the burn—it’s just that easy to hoist onto your back and face the day. If you do carry a laptop, make sure your bag is equipped with substantial padding so that you can easily slide it right in without worrying about the bumps and jostles that might occur on a crowded train.

Naturally, you’ll also need something to tote along on your travels. Whether you’re headed off to the beach for spring break or joining the family on your annual getaway, make sure that you’re prepared with something that’s sized just right for your on-the-go needs. A canvas beach bag is perfect for precisely this purpose. You can opt for an open or zip-top, and select from dozens of great colors that complement your travel wardrobe perfectly. A small or medium-sized bag is typically ideal for warmer conditions, as you’ll likely need space for a tablet, a towel, sunscreen, and a few other warm-weather essentials.

Perfect Cooler Weather Options

When things get a little chillier during fall and winter, your bag selection process may change just a bit. During those times of the year, you may find it helpful to select a carryall with just a bit more room to accommodate whatever extra objects you might have on hand—your gloves, your scarf, your hand-warmer. Don’t underestimate the value of a solid tote bag in a larger size at these times of the year. You’ll love having something that looks great with everything from a parka to a long down coat, and that holds everything easily while you’re out shopping for candles, presents, and wreaths.

A great travel bag is also a great idea if you’re planning to escape the cold at any point during the season. Whether it’s for a last-minute weekend getaway or your regular sojourn to a ski resort, you can never discount the value of having something sturdy and reliable to hoist over your shoulder during winter. It needs to be dependable enough to hold all of your cold-weather gear—think scarves, sweaters, and vests—and also stylish and pulled together. Bonus points if it also happens to offer little extras that set the usual travel bags apart from the rest, like multiple interior and exterior compartments, padded shoulder straps, and leveled bases so that you can easily stack your belongings inside.

Equally useful during the cooler months is a lightweight duffle bag that you can tote to the gym or to work—or even on a quick business trip that doesn’t require you to pack too much. You’ll never go wrong with something spacious and sturdy, especially when it offers the advantage of a wipe-clean exterior that helps it retain its immaculate appearance even when it’s exposed to sudden rain or snow. You can, of course, make it a year-round bag by carrying it during the warmer months of the year, too!


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