4 Totally Free Things Your Family Can Do This Summer

4 Totally Free Things Your Family Can Do This Summer

School's out, and summer's in! No matter where you live, there are at least two months of hot weather coming your way. With schedules out of whack and vacations abounding, how do you keep up the fun without spending too much money? While it's enjoyable to splurge on fancy restaurants and trips during the summer, there are also times when you want to take it easy and do budget-friendly activities. You may also be surprised how much fun you can have about spending a dime too!

So whether you want to get in a swimsuit and turn the afternoon into a free slip-n’-slide party or host a relaxing cabana evening on your back porch, free activities can keep your summer going strong. Here are some free activity ideas that your family can do this summer.

1) Go to a Public Waterfront

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to pass the day during the summer is to bring your beach towels (/shop/beach-towels/S-xgb-xf6-xki-xec) to a public waterfront like a beach or lake. To make sure it's free, go to a place that has public access and doesn't charge individuals to enter the area. If you go to a popular oceanfront, you may expect a minimal parking fee to keep your car safe. However, you may find free or low-cost parking options if you present an ID to prove that you are a local in some cities.

When you plan to spend a long time at the beach, then rash guards and beach cover-ups are advised to protect you from long-term sun exposure.

Fast food and take-out contribute to a large number of summertime expenses, so if you pack sandwiches and drinks for the day, then you can save a lot and spend nothing when you go out. It's always a good idea to bring a little more than you think you'll need, just in case you stay out a little later than you expect.

2) Host a Potluck House Party

One of the best things to do in the summer is to get together with your friends and have a house party. Sometimes though, the cost of hosting can deter people from doing it too often. However, if you have a close-knit group of friends that doesn't mind contributing items to the feast, you can end up having a low-cost or free party.

Turn your next party into a potluck so that everybody can show off their best dishes and keep your cost down. As the host, you should at least provide some bottles of water and one dish of your own, which should amount to the exact cost of a dinner that you would make for yourself anyway. Then, you can feast on all the other food and drinks your friends bring to the gathering.

Tip: Make your next house party more comfortable for your guests by providing indoor and outdoor furniture seating. Canopies and umbrellas are also recommended for your outdoor set up so that your guests can stay cool.

3) Go to Free National Park Days

For a select amount of days each year, national parks offer free admission. All you need to do is pay for the gas and road trip snacks to get there. With the usual unlimited park passes costing up to $100 per person, this is an amazing deal for families that need to get outside without breaking the bank. The free days typically occur on federal holidays. Here are the free National Park days for 2022:

January 17

April 16

August 4

August 25

September 24

November 11

This is an excellent opportunity to soak in the beautiful sights of our country's most majestic landscapes and even to spot some local flora and fauna. If you don't mind going the extra mile, you may also explore camping options that are much more affordable than hotels.

4) Go to the Farmers Market

Many communities have farmers' markets on the weekends to support local farmers and crafters. It costs nothing to attend these events, and it's a great way to get out of the house on a Saturday morning.

You can also bring a small sum of money and support a local farmer by purchasing a bag of apples or some locally grown strawberries. It's a great place to wear a breathable cotton dress or a tank top with a skort!

Depending on the type of vendors at your farmers' market, you may experience everything from donut food trucks to local musicians entertaining the crowd. You may also want to rent a stand and sell your specialties, turning this event into one that earns you money. Overall, it's an easy way to get out of the house with small children and pets so that you're not inside all day.

It's easy to save money during the summer while still making memories with the family. When you can cut out the cost of tickets and fast food, your money can go a long way while still making this summer unforgettable.


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