Tops Your Date Will Love to See You in This Valentine’s Day

Tops Your Date Will Love to See You in This Valentine’s Day

While you always want to look good on date night, you certainly want to make a special effort on certain days. Valentine’s Day is no exception. After all, love is in the air, and you want to remind your date why you chose each other to spend the occasion together. Everyone is different, of course, and what someone finds casual, another person might consider formal chic. As such, it’s important to stay true to yourself while also keeping in mind the type of date you have in store. We’re here to help. Here’s a list of tops the special person in your life would love to see you in, organized by the type of date you have in store.

For the Sporty Date

Those who sweat together, stay together, right? Working out or doing an activity that challenges your physical and mental stamina is great for boosting feel-good endorphins in your brain. You can do a lot of fun activities together on Valentine’s Day, and it's even more fun if the experience is new for both of you. Think of activities such as ice skating, roller skating, rock climbing, or attending a fitness class together. Better yet, try the slides at an indoor waterpark and enjoy some time in the hot tub afterward. You’re sure to look great in a women’s bikini top that is not only stylish but also supportive.

For the Netflix Chill Date

There’s a reason movies are such a popular choice for dates: You don’t have to force conversation. That’s great when you’re still getting to know each other and might feel a little nervous. It’s also great if you’ve had a long week and just need to chill out in front of a good movie. While you could certainly get away with wearing comfy loungewear, it’s good to go the extra mile on Valentine’s Day and wear something that feels a little special. So, keep the comfy leggings, but consider a top with a little pizazz, or maybe even a low-cut, soft cashmere sweaters for women. Cashmere is great when you want to look and feel irresistible.

For a Night on the Town

If you’re the type of couple who likes to go out on the town, your Valentine’s Day might include a fancy dinner, or even some dancing or live music. If social distancing means you not only have to dress for the venue, but also for the weather, keep in mind the type of jacket you’ll need to wear with your outfit. A turtleneck with a low-cut trench coat, for example, is not only chic but will also protect you from the elements. And the combo looks great with a pair of skinny jeans and ankle boots. Plus, trench coats have pockets, meaning you don’t have to worry about lugging a bulky purse around with you.

For the Virtual Date

Virtual dates are becoming more common, whether for safety reasons or because technology lets us date people from all over the world. If you can’t be with someone physically, logging into an online videoconferencing platform is the way to go. And the top you wear will be of utmost importance. After all, even if you can’t be together in person, you still want to look good and make a compelling first impression. The trick is to be yourself, but dial it up just a notch on Valentine’s Day. That means if you traditionally wear tunics with leggings, perhaps you could try a button-down blouse with a necklace instead. You can still stay comfy in the leggings, but a button-down blouse is timeless and classy.

For the Artsy Date

Making something together isn’t just fun. It also provides you with a “souvenir” that helps you remember the date. For example, going to a painting event where you both paint your own version of a specific piece of artwork allows you to share the experience, and you each get to take home something to remember it by. This experience is even more fun if neither of you considers yourselves to be good artists, as it provides a chance to poke fun at yourselves and encourage a bit of banter.

There are also pottery classes and cooking classes you can check out. Some are even online, meaning you can log in at a time that works for you and never have to leave the comfort of your home. Be sure to dress in something stain-resistant but cute. A top with three-quarter-length sleeves is great for when you don’t want to get your sleeves dirty.

No matter what type of Valentine’s date you have in store, you’ll feel confident your top matches the activity, and that you’ll look and feel your best.


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