Best Tops to Wear With a Denim Vest

Best Tops to Wear With a Denim Vest

Versatility is king when it comes to planning outfits. Sure, it’s fun to mix it up, but sometimes you just need that one go-to piece. The garment that you grab when you’re headed out the door, that one piece that somehow just completes the outfit. It’s a tall order. Few pieces are so universal that they play the role of your fashion BFF so well.

But one that definitely does is the denim vest. It’s classic and just a little old-school, but is easy enough to update with a few contemporary touches. It’s all in how you style it. Whether you throw it on over a standard women’s T-shirt or prefer something a little more pulled together, you can find dozens of fun ways to make your denim vest the star of the show. Here are a few tops to wear with it:

A Long Tunic

The key to layering one piece over another is to factor in the proportions. Wearing something short over another piece of equal length doesn’t allow either piece to shine. But wearing something longer beneath a cropped denim vest puts both pieces on display and contributes to a more fashion-forward look.

tunic top is a great choice because it’s light, floaty, and airy. The contrast in textures alone makes a statement, but tunics are also naturally longer than other styles. Throwing a denim vest on top lends your look a cool, effortless, laid-back sort of appeal. Pull on a pair of leggings and step into booties or ballet flats to complete the outfit. It’s easy, fun, and a little bit trendy without going overboard.

A Fitted Sweater

Wearing a vest over a sweater doesn’t seem like the most practical idea in the world at first. Vests aren’t quite jackets, after all — but they _are_ amazing layering pieces designed to add just some extra warmth to your outfit without completely overwhelming your frame or your outfit. Plus, because they’re sleeveless, they allow you to show off the top underneath. What better option than something warm and cozy?

women’s sweater is a great choice for a chilly day. Look for a jewel tone if you want to lend your outfit some color. You could wear this with jeans if you favor the denim-on-denim approach, or you could try it with stretchy black leggings and a pair of knee-high boots to create the perfect fall outfit. You’ll be ready for anything the day brings, be it a school run, an errand run, or a much-deserved coffee break.

A Cozy Flannel

When worlds collide, the result is something like a marriage between denim and flannel. Although the two materials couldn’t be more different from one another, opposites do attract — and these fabrics definitely both play major roles where your fall comfort is concerned. You can wear both throughout winter and even in the spring, making them especially valuable to your wardrobe.

What better way to unite the two than to throw your denim vest on over a flannel shirt? You can select from a wide range of colors, so whether you’re all about classic lumberjack tones or prefer something brighter and more vibrant, you can easily create the cool-weather outfit of your dreams. Flannel looks pretty flawless with denim, and it’s just right for helping you face fall weather and brisk spring days with ease.

A Summer Shirt

Layering in the summer sounds a little counterintuitive. When the only things you really crave are cold beverages and air conditioning, attempting to add more clothing to your body may seem like a recipe for disaster — and it can be if you layer the wrong types of pieces. A light piece of denim on top of an even lighter shirt, however, is the perfect way to see yourself through the season — especially on those occasional summer days when the winds pick up or when a little bit of rain causes temperatures to drop just enough that you want to run inside.

A denim vest comes to the rescue to help lock in some body heat to keep you more comfortable when you need it the most. Layered over a women’s summer shirt, you’ll both look and feel ready for anything that the season brings. Have some fun with your outfit. You can easily pair a light tee with a fit-and-flare skirt or a pair of breezy palazzo pants with sandals or flip flops. Or try it with a maxi skirt for a bit of bohemian-style charm and finish with metallic sandals. The vest helps tie it all together perfectly.

Your denim vest promises to be your most-worn piece of the season. No matter what you wear it with, you can count on it to add a little extra comfort to your days.


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