Top Tips for How to Dress to Smash the Job Interview

Top Tips for How to Dress to Smash the Job Interview

Your resume has been reviewed, you’ve sparked their interest, and you’ve been invited to interview. This is all that’s left between you and this job, so be sure to prepare accordingly. You’ve practiced your interview techniques, you’ve researched this company inside and out, and you’ve rehearsed your elevator pitch hundreds of times. You’re almost ready.

If there’s ever a moment to dress to impress, it’s now. You want to find the perfect balance between looking professional and sharp while also adding some style to show a hint of your personality and confidence. Read on to discover our top tips for how to dress to help you smash the job interview.

Neutral Palette

To keep the overall aesthetic sophisticated, stick to a neutral color palette. This is especially true if you are having a formal interview or are interviewing for an organization that has a more conservative dress code. Choose neutral colors and tones like blacks, whites, khakis, charcoals, and navy blues. These colors are sophisticated and easy on the eye, not to mention timeless classics. If you are interviewing to work in a more creative environment that allows you to dress down for work, then you can still lean toward neutral choices, like a pair of women’s black jeans. They'll keep you looking put together while still rocking a casual twist to your outfit.

Pants vs. Skirts

Deciding whether to wear pants or a skirt is a big decision. Be sure to consider the culture of your potential workplace. If it is formal and conservative, opt for a knee-length skirt or pencil skirt over tights or hose. The streamlined look of these skirts offers an unparalleled elegance. Pants are also an easy choice for job interviews because they are so versatile and comfortable. Choose a well-tailored pair of slacks to make a good impression without compromising on comfort or style.

Figure out whether a skirt or pants feels most comfortable to you. Try on your outfit of choice beforehand to be sure you feel confident, which is your most important accessory on interview day.

The Art of the Suit

A two-piece suit is appropriate if you are interviewing for a position in a more formal corporate work environment. However, if your potential new job is in an office that leans to the more casual side of dress codes, explore creating your own suit from various clothing items instead of wearing a traditional matching suit. Take a nice pair of slacks and wear a white button-up shirt or tunic top and a professional blazer to achieve the suit look. You can match the blazer to the pants or choose complementary colors instead. For example, navy blue pants with tan heels and a khaki blazer will look both interesting and professional.

Make a Subtle Statement With Your Work Wardrobe

Subtly making a statement with your wardrobe is one way your job interview outfit can speak to your unique style while also falling in line with the office culture of your (fingers crossed!) new job. When hiring new employees, companies often want to see the human behind the professional, so allow a little of your unique personality to shine through your outfit. The best way to balance this look is to wear an overall neutral outfit and spice it up with a couple of small elements that pop. Avoid super bold moves like dark red lips and instead go for something more subtle like a brightly colored silk scarf, a vintage belt, your favorite pair of earrings, or a more trendy pair of shoes.

The Perfect Top

Wearing a classic top, such as a women’s white blouse, is a classic go-to wardrobe staple that shouldn’t be underrated for its sophistication and style. The simplicity of this piece will also give you some extra room to be a little more creative with the rest of your outfit, such as adding a bright scarf or choosing bold statement jewelry. Regardless of the kind of job you are interviewing for, it’s near impossible to go wrong with a classic blouse.

With these wardrobe styling tips. you are sure to make a lasting positive impression. What’s more, the right outfit will allow you to have the confidence you need to smash the job interview and land that dream job.


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