6 Sun Protection Swimsuits for Toddlers

6 Sun Protection Swimsuits for Toddlers

Your little one is ready for summer and all the fun that it brings. Sun exposure or a dangerous sunburn, however, can put a major damper on summertime fun. Look for modern swimwear styles that will help keep toddlers’ sensitive skin protected from the elements so the whole family can relax and enjoy the sun and surf. Here are a few of our favorite styles of toddler sun protective swimwear that your kiddos are sure to love.

1. Tankinis and One-Pieces With Protective Necklines

There are tons of cute tankini tops and other girls’ swimming suits that toddler girls will love. Look for versions that have a neckline that either goes straight across like a modified high bandeau, has just a slight dip like a crew neck, or goes up high over the chest and neck. This will help protect a little one’s sensitive skin while still allowing her to sport a fun swimsuit.

2. Rash Guard Shirts Provide Extra Protection

For maximum protection for your toddler, a boys’ rash guard or girls’ rash guard shirt can help do the trick. These are usually close-fitted but comfortable, so they’ll stay slightly snug and keep the skin protected. They come in short- and long-sleeve styles, so you can choose the level that suits your needs best. Long sleeves can offer more coverage, but even the short-sleeve versions work very well since they cover the shoulders and upper arms where the sun’s rays will hit, especially during the hottest part of the day. A toddler’s sensitive tummy area will also be protected from the harsh sun with these swimsuit tops. These also usually come with high crew-neck or mock-neck designs, so they’ll have protection for the chest and neck as well. Fun colors, prints, and graphics make these tops as stylish as they are protective. If you can find UV protection swimwear for toddlers, grab it! There's no such thing as too much protection when it comes to the sun.

3. Swim Shorts and Capris Save the Day

Swim shorts are another great consideration for toddler swimsuits. While boys’ swim trunks are common, little girls can also benefit from the extra sun protection that swim shorts or capris provide. These may be stretchy or loose, depending on the brand or style, and are typically designed to move comfortably with your toddler while providing extra protection. Choose trunks or swim shorts that fit well at the waist (adjustable ties can be a great option for growing toddlers) and are long enough to offer the sun protection you want without being overly baggy and making it difficult for your little one to walk or run. Board short styles also work well for either boys or girls.

4. Swim Skirts or Dresses

If your little angel likes skirts or dresses over shorts, your toddler can have a style she loves and some extra sun protection with a swimsuit style that features a skirt or dress. These designs usually will either have a two-piece style with girls’ tankini tops or other swim top and a skirt, or have an attached skirt on a one-piece swimsuit. In either design, the skirt will fall over the top of the legs to help protect from the sun’s rays. You can also buy swim skirts separately that girls can wear over other swim bottoms or as a cover-up.

5. Well-Constructed Swimsuits Provide Peace of Mind

High-quality brands that are well constructed and designed with proper protective fabrics will help put parents’ minds at ease while keeping kids cute and comfortable. If you are looking for items that specifically provide sun protection, keep in mind that the protected areas only apply to the portion of the skin the swimsuit or clothing covers. Apply sunblock or use other clothing on any exposed areas. Look for materials that are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation and have UPF protection that blocks 98 percent of UV rays. This will typically be a UPF of 50. Quality fabric blends made of materials like nylon and spandex will keep their shape and prevent the skin from becoming exposed due to sagging suits.

6. Full-Cover Swimwear

If you are looking for ultimate protection for your little one with very sensitive skin, a full-cover swimsuit that has long-sleeve and full-leg protection might be an option to consider. It helps cover the body almost completely to provide maximum coverage. Look for moisture-wicking, soft, and quality suits to keep your toddler comfortable in a full-coverage design. Zippers at the top of the suit will help make it easier to take on and off.

Cover-Ups Count!

Wearing a cover-up is a great way to keep your child comfortable as well as protect him or her from the sun. Boys’ and girls’ cover-ups come in tons of stylish looks that are also protective, ranging from long-sleeve options with hoods to cover-up pants and zip-up or pullover tops. Keep a few cover-ups on hand that your toddler can toss over his or her swimsuit for even more peace of mind.

Protect Your Precious Toddler While Having Fun in the Sun

Summer’s just not the same without the fun of the pool or beach, but the dangers of sun exposure are real. Let your little one experience the joy and excitement of all summer has to offer while keeping him or her safe with the right protective swimwear.


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