4 Cute Sweaters Your Best Friend Will Love

4 Cute Sweaters Your Best Friend Will Love

Your best friend knows that you know a thing or two about great style. It’s entirely likely that she may be turning to you for help getting through the winter season with flair. Maybe you’re just shopping around for a fun surprise that she can wear throughout the season or something that she can add to her wardrobe as it warms up a bit in the spring. Here are four great women’s sweaters styles that your best friend is sure to love!

Tunic Sweater

Women’s tunic sweaters are ideal for those who prefer a more casual look. If your friend is all about cozy, comfortable loungewear and lives in items like yoga pants, joggers, laid-back tops, and hoodies, then she’ll love the way tunic sweaters offer the same effortless approach to everyday style.

While they’re all about easy dressing, however, the tunic sweater is far more refined than the usual casual suspects. This look can be dressed up or down easily, making it a versatile choice that she can wear throughout winter, spring, and fall with ease. For example, it’s easy to wear with jeans for a cozy autumn brunch with friends on a lazy weekend afternoon. It’s just as easy to throw on with a pair of soft pants for the school run on a brisk morning. But it’s also suitable to wear with a pair of smart trousers for a look that’s pulled together yet not too refined. That makes it a great choice when she’s meeting a friend for an impromptu lunch or welcoming guests for a short visit.

Cashmere Sweater

If your BFF prefers something dressier, however, consider a women’s cashmere sweater. The feel of the soft material is nothing short of luxurious, and she’ll love the way it glides over her skin without causing the itchiness sometimes associated with other warm fabrics. Cashmere is not just comfortable and practical for the season, but also timeless. It will look just as great today as it does 10 years from now.

Moreover, it’s available in a wide range of styles. For something she can grab and go before she heads out to work or meets you for lunch, a cardigan is an especially practical choice. It wears well with everything from wide-leg trousers and classic blouses to wrap dresses. If she prefers a more casual look, a cashmere crewneck pulls right on with ease and looks perfect with a pair of her favorite jeans. There are even cashmere V-neck sweaters that draw the eye upward, allowing her to show off her collarbone or a pretty statement necklace. When shopping for cashmere, think in terms of enduring style. She might be loving hot pink right now, but is that a color she’ll wear in two or three years? Longevity is key, so a neutral or a jewel tone that she especially loves is a great choice.

Cardigan Sweater

Nothing says classic quite like a women’s cardigan sweater. Cardigans are the wear everywhere, at any time, for anything garment that is sure to become a core part of her wardrobe in no time at all. Since there are so many styles available, it’s important to think about what she looks for in her clothes. Does she typically wear longer lengths, or does she favor something cropped or with less coverage? Would she like the look of a classic button-front or a more modern open-front style? Does she work in a corporate setting, or is her office more creative?

Determining these answers will help you whittle down your choice to one or two especially appropriate options that best fit her lifestyle. If she works from home, for example, she may appreciate a relaxed, carefree style that she can wear with her lounge pants or when she wants to pop out to grab a quick cup of coffee. An open front, long length is perfect for that purpose. Maybe she likes to make a statement with her clothes. In that case, a cardigan with a bold pattern or brilliant print is a smart choice. You can even find short- and three-quarter-length sleeves that are more appropriate for warmer conditions.

Turtleneck Sweater

The classic turtleneck makes a great option for the friend who’s always just a little bit cold and wants something that she can layer. Turtlenecks are great for that purpose. At the office, they wear well beneath structured blazers for a style that’s both polished and comfortable. During her off-duty moments, she can wear them with jeans, or to the football game during fall underneath a cozy down vest or a toasty flannel shirt.

Turtlenecks are timeless additions to any closet and can be styled in different ways. For example, the neck can be folded down if she prefers a more “mock” style, or scrunched for a casual look. Pair it with anything from tailored dress pants to jeans, and from ankle boots to sneakers! It’s just that versatile.

The Right Sweater

Ultimately, the best sweater for your best friend is the one that’s as comfortable as it is flattering. Soft fabrics, beautiful cuts, and timeless colors all contribute to a wonderful gift that she’ll treasure for a lifetime.


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