Top Questions About Flannel 2023

We Answer the Top 4 Questions About Flannel for 2023

Who doesn’t love flannel? Not only will it be forever in style, it’s comfortable and casual, which is what we love the most about it. Because of its versatility, flannel should be a staple in everyone’s wardrobe, including men, women and kids. Whether you’re going on a date, hanging out with friends, going to class or going to work (if your office has adopted the casual look like most tech companies have), flannel always comes in handy. For men, it's essential that you can layer opened over an undershirt or wear buttoned up. For women, it can be worn over a shirt, a dress and even tied around your waist. Luckily for women, there are also flannel dresses that can be used as a shacket over an entire outfit if wearing it as a dress has been in your repertoire. With so many ways to style flannel, we’re answering the top questions about it in 2023. 

What is flannel? 

Flannel is a type of cotton that tends to be more medium weight. It’s not heavy, it’s not light, it seems to be just right, which makes it so comfortable. The cotton has somewhat of a “fuzzy” feel making it cozy. Between comfortable and cozy, those are the elements that make flannel such a favorite. One of the best characteristics of flannel that no other material has is that it tends to get softer as it gets older. You may have noticed that if you have flannel sheets. Another loved trait of flannel is that it doesn’t easily wrinkle so you never have to iron it. 

Will flannels be in style for 2023?

Flannel has been in style since the 17th century and hasn’t once gone out of style. Although in its earlier days it was made of wool, it has transitioned into cotton. Because of that, it’s not only very stylish in 2023 but also very affordable. It may not be as popular during the summer months, but get ready to see it in different colors, cuts and lengths during this upcoming fall and winter. It will also be in style for the home, especially around the holiday season. A flannel throw blanket on your sofa or chaise and flannel sheets on your bed are must-haves this year. 

What goes with flannel?

A better question would be, “What doesn’t go with flannel”? The reason why flannel is so loved by so many for so long is its versatility. You can dress it casually and you can even dress it up. Flannel shirts go with a pair of jeans, an undershirt and sneakers or boots depending on your mood for men, women and kids. For an extra layer, try wearing a leather jacket over it to give you a more polished look. Accessories such as beanies and sunglasses are great to complete the look during the day. 

If dressing up, women usually wear a flannel dress that they can add their own personal touch to, such as a statement belt paired with either leggings or thigh-high boots. Complete the look with a fedora and a boucle coat. Men’s flannel shirts can be tucked into a pair of chinos or denim, a belt and worn with a dressier shoe. Even if you don’t like tucking in your shirt, as long as you keep the flannel buttoned up, it will look more put together. 

You can even go to bed in style with a pair of men’s flannel pajama pants. You’ll be sleeping for days with how comfortable a pair of these will make you feel. Even lounging around the house with a pair of these will have you kicking your favorite pair of sweatpants to the curb. 

What constitutes good flannel and where can you buy it?

We mentioned how flannel was one of those materials that is loved because of the comfort, style and affordability it provides. However, knowing what makes quality flannel material is very important to help you purchase pieces that will last. When shopping for flannel, you should pay attention to the tight weave. The tighter the weave, the better. A quick way to check is if the flannel feels thicker to you. A thicker flannel usually means the weave is tight. Because it’s tight it will also last you a lot longer. Another way to check is to hold the flannel piece up to the light. If you notice a ton of light coming in through the material, it’s not of very good quality. Usually, quality flannel pieces will have a minimal amount of light coming through. 

Whether you’re purchasing a new set of flannel sheets, a few shirts, some dresses or winter accessories, don’t be afraid to splurge. Flannel is a good investment for anyone’s wardrobe because it’s one of those styles that will not be going anywhere. Remember that a good quality piece of flannel will also get better with time and as you wash it because of its napped finish, so you’ll be getting your money’s worth with each wear.


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