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Best Plus Size Workout Gear for Summer

When it comes to choosing plus size activewear, it can be tempting to re-wear the same trusty outfits over and over again. But that can actually be a big mistake that directly impacts your workout. Workout clothes can stretch over time, losing their shape and failing to offer the same support as before. If they don’t have microbial or moisture-wicking features, they may even get a little bit unpleasant over time. Relying on the same old clothes to work out as hard as you do can also make it less motivating to work out. After all, we get excited to try out a new outfit when going out for a night on the town, don’t we? Why should it be any different with our workout gear?

When choosing workout gear, be sure to consider the types of activities you do, the number of days you work out, and any weather conditions if you exercise outdoors. Here’s what to look for if you’re on a quest to find the best plus size workout gear for your favorite summer exercise routines.

For a Hike Through the Woods

Hiking is a great way to get the benefits of cardio while also getting some fresh air. In fact, studies have shown that there are more health benefits from going for a walk outside than walking indoors on a treadmill. You also get the benefit of various incline differences to work your legs more as you go up and down natural hills. Of course, there’s also the added benefit of vitamin D from the sun. Plus size capri pants are great for outdoor hikes. They are long enough to protect your legs from bugs and scratchy branches, but short enough to allow for extra movement and airflow to cool your legs. Look for some cargo-style capri pants if you like added pockets for your phone, keys, sunscreen, and whatever else you’ll need for a great summertime hike.

For Your High-Impact Aerobics Class

A proper-fitting sports bra is likely the most important workout gear you need for a high-impact exercise class of any kind. These are the most likely pieces of clothing to stretch out over time and should be replaced once they do. Pay special attention to the sizing. You don’t want one that’s too big or too small, so grab some measuring tape and take note of your measurements. Pay special attention to the sizing guide of the brand you choose as well, as a sports bra made by one brand may fit you differently than the same size made by another brand.

For a Jog

If you’re a jogger, you know the importance of wearing plus size shorts that fit well. It can be frustrating heading out on your run and then constantly having to adjust shorts that ride up or that chafe your legs. Look for a pair that is lightweight, moisture-wicking, and breathable. Take the length into account as well. Longer shorts will protect your legs, while shorter ones may allow for more movement. The key is to find the right balance of the two that meets your specific needs.

When choosing a top for your jog, you’ll want to keep the fabric in mind as well as temperature and climate. Of course, if you’re indoors on a treadmill, you’ll likely prefer a tank top to keep you cool. But if you’re outside, you’ll want a top that keeps you warm on the chilliest summer mornings or keeps you cool in the hottest of afternoons. Moisture-wicking properties are important here as well.

For a Round of Golf

If golf is your go-to sport, you might want to check out some new polo shirts made especially for golf. Look for a shirt made of soft, breathable material as well as a sleeve cuff that doesn’t interfere with your backswing. The UV protection is also a bonus feature when you’re out in the sun for 18 holes.

For Swimming

Swimming is a great workout. It provides cardio benefits for ideal heart health and is also low impact, so it’s great for people with knee and joint problems. When choosing a plus size swimsuit for your summer swim routine, look for one in an athletic style that moves with you instead of fighting against you. For example, a suit with underwire might provide a great look outside of the pool but might not be ideal for doing laps. It should also be able to withstand exposure to chlorine and the sun.

For Yoga

New leggings can be fun to buy considering all the cute styles and patterns available. Look for a pair with a waistline that stays put and made of a fabric that is opaque, but thin enough to allow you to move freely. It should also feel soft against the skin so you’re as comfortable as can be when you’re in a child’s pose and downward dog.

When it comes to fashion vs. function, it is possible to have both in your summer workout gear. Don’t sacrifice one for the other. Take some time to try on the clothes before committing to them, and invest in a pair that will not only last but also make you look forward to working out this summer.

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