The Top Plus-Size Swimsuits for Women with Larger Busts

The Top Plus-Size Swimsuits for Women with Larger Busts

Summer is a beautiful time of year for many reasons. We love that it opens up the possibilities for activities and fun, especially in the water. Schools are out, and the pool is open. Whether you're looking forward to lounging poolside, boogie boarding in the surf at your local beach, or wading into the lake, one thing is for sure, bathing suit season is upon us. For folks with larger chests, it can be tricky to find the right plus size swimwear, particularly a top that supports you. The good news, the swimwear of your dreams is here and ready to provide all-day comfort without sacrificing style or coverage.

The most important part of your swimsuit is that it supports your body confidence and provides the coverage and support you want so that you can focus on other things, like having a fantastic day at the beach. So let us take out the guesswork on finding the perfect plus-size fit this summer.

Wide Straps

When searching for plus size bathing suit tops, there are a few ways to make it easier. We recommend wide straps that will reduce the pressure on your shoulders by redistributing the pull of the larger bust. By evening out the weight distribution that would cut into your shoulders with a spaghetti strap, it will take pressure off your shoulders and back.

A significant repercussion of a larger chest can be back pain from holding up the chest. If you experience this, try an x-cross backing that will distribute the pressure of the weight of your chest more evenly. A wide bust band that distributes pressure and isn't too tight around the rib cage is another good way to go. Try out many different styles and see what feels best for you.

Thick, Sturdy Fabric

A significant factor when it comes down to plus-size swimsuits for big busts is fabric. The fabric of a bathing suit makes a big difference in whether it maintains its shape and supports the chest.

You want a fabric with give to accommodate the larger chest while not having too much flexibility that would cause you to feel wary of a wardrobe malfunction. A thick, sturdy fabric is best if it has some spandex or other flexible material to support you and stabilize the chest. Ultimately the fabric that feels most comfortable will be the winner.

A plus size tankini is a great way to go as they often provide shelf-bra support and cover your midsection when looking for modest swimwear.

The one-piece is a great look but also a comfortable fit that will provide support and the level of coverage you seek. A plus-size one-piece is a no-brainer for bigger busts due to its streamlined look and compressive fit. With a one-piece, plus-sizes typically feature built-in bras or underwire cups that are excellent at holding the girls in - perfect for swimming and walking on the beach.


A classic way to support the bust has always been underwire swimsuits, which provide both support and shape. When picking out plus size underwire swimsuits, ensure enough fabric is built into the suit to buffer the wire so that it does not poke into your chest and cause discomfort.

Underwire support is an excellent part of D cup swimwear (or DD, DDD, etc.) because it provides a sleek, classic look incorporated into many cute styles like balconette bra swim tops, which are oh-so-flattering.

If you don't want the underwire, try molded cups with no wire. Molded cups can provide the shape you seek without too much lift and the stiff feeling of underwire.

Other Considerations

Depending on the breast shape, you may want to remove the padding; sometimes, the bust shape looks better without it - more material isn't necessarily helpful.

The balance of the bust and hips is one way to provide proportioning, and we love plus size high waisted bathing suits to complement the waist and provide ultimate comfort all day.

The perfect way to complete your swimwear is with the ultimate plus-size cover-up. Look for soft, flowy fabrics that will keep you cool while covered. Natural fibers are preferable, as they are breathable and soft. Avoid polyester that will hold in heat, make you sweat, and harbor body odor.

Have a Blast This Summer

When picking out a swimsuit, consider the suit's structure to see if it will contour and compliment your shape the way you want. If you still need help figuring out what might be a good look and fit for you, we have another idea. Following plus-size models on social media can be a great way to get ideas for what swimwear might work for you. Body confidence is vitally important for mental health and overall emotional well-being. Seeing other women feel confident and happy in their bodies and swimwear is encouraging and informative, as you can figure out what might work for you.


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