Top 5 Gifts for the Dog Lover in Your Life

Top 5 Gifts for the Dog Lover in Your Life

Any pet is great, but there’s just something special about dogs. Unless you have a dog yourself, it may be difficult to understand the bond that a human can have with their canine companion. We treat dogs as family members. And yes, sometimes we dress them up in silly clothing for pictures. So if don’t have a dog of your own, know that the dog lover in your life has a “relative” who you may have been ignoring.

If you’re looking for a gift for someone special in your life but are stuck on what to give them, buying a gift that acknowledges their pooch can score you some serious points in the friendship department. Whether for the dog itself or for the human that loves them, here are the top five gifts for dog lovers in your life.

Monogrammed Dog Bed

For humans, monogrammed bedding is a gift that implies a sense of luxury and personalization. It says, “You’re so important, you deserve your very own initials stamped on your things.” Why should that be any different for someone with a dog? Gifting a monogrammed dog bed is a cute way to say to the dog lover in your life “You and your dog are royalty. I hope he enjoys his new comfy bed.”

Toys That Keep Them Busy

Dogs need boredom busters to keep them entertained when you’re not around. When a dog is bored, they’re tempted to chew things they shouldn’t and behave in ways they wouldn’t normally behave if they were content and occupied. That’s why a dog can never have too many toys! This makes toys a great gift for the dog lover in your life. When choosing the perfect toy for a dog, remember that one size doesn’t fit all. Each breed and each dog’s personality will contribute to the types of toys they like. For example, some dogs might be perfectly content with a tennis ball, provided you toss it to them and let them tire themselves out while chasing it. Others like to chew and may prefer big bones or other durable toys. Others are more “intellectual” and may need a smart interactive toy to keep them busy for long periods. Do a little digging yourself before buying the perfect toy by finding out more about your friend’s dog. Maybe they just love their daily walk, and so a nice new leash would make your friend and their dog happy.

Personalized Christmas Stocking

When the holidays roll around, you don’t want any dog to be left out when the rest of the family’s stockings are hung over the fireplace. A personalized Christmas stocking with the dog’s name embroidered on it is a great gift for the dog lover in your life. And hopefully, Santa will even leave some dog treats in there for him or her instead of coal.

Handmade Dog Treats

Taking the time to make something for anyone shows that you care. And what’s the best way to a dog’s heart? Through their stomachs. Make your canine friend some homemade dog treats. There are some great recipes online that are super simple to make, like this one: Mix flour (2 ½ cups), eggs (2), canned pumpkin (½ cup), peanut butter (2 tbsp.), salt (½ tsp.) and cinnamon (½ tsp.) in a bowl. Add enough water to make it easy to roll into a ½-inch thickness. Cut into ½-inch pieces and cook for 40 minutes at 350 F. Wrap them up in a nice gift bag, and voila! You have a delectable treat for a canine companion.

If you want to go the extra mile, pack those treats in a personalized backpack with the dog’s name monogrammed on it. A backpack is a great thing to have handy for any overnight trips at the dog sitter.

Cold-Weather Accessories

When taking their favorite pup for a walk, the humans will appreciate a gift of some cold-weather accessories during the wintertime. A perfect gift for any dog lover would be some waterproof gloves or perhaps a hooded coat with protection from the elements can make the daily walk much more tolerable. Don’t forget that days are shorter in winter too, so some reflective clothing or even a lighted leash might be appreciated for safety reasons.

Keep in mind that a gift for the dog lover in your life doesn’t have to be expensive. Treats and small toys are great options for simply saying, “I haven’t forgotten about Fido.” On the other hand, you can really make an impression by gifting something that keeps on giving long after the treats are gone, like a dog bed or jacket. Regardless, any of the ideas mentioned here are sure to make the best gifts for dog lovers and the pups who love them.



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