Top 10 Gifts for Summer Baby Showers

Top 10 Gifts for Summer Baby Showers

Baby showers are a delightful way to celebrate loved ones who are expecting. Picking out a gift can be stressful, though. It's hard to think of something useful and unique that expresses your joy and excitement for the baby’s arrival. If you’re searching for ideas, then look no further! We’ve put together a list of the top gifts for summer baby showers. These items will help new parents successfully navigate those first few weeks of parenthood.

Picture Books

Picture books are always a classic choice for baby gifts. They help little ones with development and are beautiful to look at. Picture books can also be used for years and then passed down. For something extra special, consider a personalized picture book featuring the baby’s name throughout and delightful illustrations—making for a unique keepsake.

Photo Album Kit

New parents will want to treasure every moment with their little one. Give them a place to store memories from the very start with a photo album kit. Pick out a beautiful baby album and some accessories, such as photo corners or photo marker pens. You could also gift a scrapbook with a few supplies, such as paper, washi tape, stickers, and scissors.

Laundry Bundle

Newborns produce a lot of laundry, and their sensitive skin means not just any old detergent will do. A laundry bundle makes the ideal functional gift for moms-to-be. Fill a laundry hamper with hypoallergenic laundry detergent, gentle fabric softener, and a couple of burp cloths. You can also add things such as dryer balls and clothing hangers.

Crib Set

A set of linens for the baby’s crib is another practical gift for baby showers. Parents will welcome the extra layers as they’ll have something else to use when they need to do laundry. Think crib sheets, mattress pads, and mattress covers. Choose breathable, organic materials like 100% cotton for the sheets. When it comes to mattress pads, go for something that’s machine washable for quick and easy cleanup.

Bath Bundle

Make bath time extra fun for the family with a baby bath bundle. All you need is a bath caddy or infant bathtub. Fill it with necessities, such as baby shampoo, washcloths, sponges, and bath toys. You could also add a baby thermometer, rinsing cup, a comb or hairbrush, and moisturizer. For a special touch, include a set of monogrammed bath towels with the baby’s initials.

Self-Care Basket

Being a new parent is incredibly rewarding—and exhausting. A self-care basket is the perfect way to help mom enjoy some "me time" after the baby arrives. Fill it with postpartum care supplies, such as body oil, nipple butter, bath salts, face masks, and scented candles. Even something as simple as a robe and slippers will go a long way in helping mom take care of herself.

Diaper Caddy

A portable diaper caddy gives moms-to-be the gift or organization anywhere in the house. These handy bags have enough pockets to carry essentials from room to room. They’re not only functional but cute, too! Turn one into a great gift by filling it with supplies such as diapers, wipes, and baby powder. When the baby grows up, the mom can upcycle the caddy into an organizer for craft or home supplies.

Piggy Bank

A piggy bank is a classic keepsake that doubles as great décor for nurseries and playrooms. Choose one made from high-quality materials like ceramic that fits the baby’s nursery theme. For example, a hand-painted giraffe will look right at home in a safari-themed nursery. If the baby’s room has a fairytale theme, go for an enchanted castle. Fill the piggy bank with a couple of coins or notes to start the baby’s savings.

Toy Basket

Children’s toys are both fun and functional, making them ideal for baby shower gifts. They help growing babies explore object permanence, build fine motor skills, and improve hand-eye coordination. Go all out with one big toy, or fill a basket with a few smaller ones. Stuffed animals, rattles, ring stacks, or nursery mobiles are great ideas for newborns.

Christmas Stockings

A set of personalized Christmas stockings is a sweet, heartfelt gift for expanding families. It will set the tone for their first holiday season together, and they can use it for many years to come. Christmas stockings are available in a variety of beautiful designs, and you can embroider them with each member’s name or initials. If you’re skilled at crafting, you can also make your own.

No matter your budget, there are plenty of ways to treat the mom-to-be. From picture books to Christmas stockings, there’s something to suit her needs. Choose something from our list, or use it to inspire your own gift ideas for your next baby shower.


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